YGOrganization Podcasts Relaunch

Several months ago, we aired one episode of our podcast. Due to circumstances beyond our control, production of additional episodes stalled. We’re back now.

The holidays stalled us a bit. I myself had some medical issues after that and we also some real world difficulties impact our editor.

With the advent of Link Summoning and a new era in YGO, we felt it prudent to get back on track now. So, here is another episode. It is shorter than the first one by a large margin, which may be for the best.

The episode listing can be found at ygorganization.com/podcast. A subforum containing a thread for each episode has also exists at. our forums.

Future episodes will be added to the forums and RSS feed and will not have dedicated posts.

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Cheesedude is an admin on the Yu-Gi-Oh! wiki, fan of every Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series and Nintendo fanboy. He enjoys obscure references and identifying cards shown for a split second in the anime and proofreads a lot of the articles that are published here.