Cardfight Coalition

Community Collab #1 – Get Involved!

Interested in getting a platform to discuss optimal builds for your favorite archetypes, best undervalued tech options, card design theory, or more?

For the first time we are offering an opportunity for anyone in our community to co-write an article for our site alongside one of our resident writers. Working with our staff, you will have the opportunity to work through each stage in an article’s lifecycle, getting feedback each step along the way, before watching your final production be posted on the site once it is complete and meets our standards.

If you are interested in putting yourself forward for this opportunity, please contact a Number via PM through Discord, our Facebook page or our email – we will take things from there. Once selected, one of our writers will reach out to you on Discord to follow-up and start the process of planning and drafting an article!

We hope to do more player-base engagement events/opportunities such as this one over the course of the year, so definitely leave us some feedback on how else you would like to get involved with the site!