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[ORG] YGOrganization Turns 4 Years Old

As we end our fourth year here at YGOrganization, It’s now time to announce what I have planned for the fifth.

Fancy YGOrganization banner to title the page

Hey guys, it’s me again, to talk about the future of the site. When we first launched back in 2013, the TCG and OCG had the same F/L list. This is the most cared about online content the game has, and with Japan getting it before it was posted on the official site, it was certain to be our biggest driver of traffic.

This is why when we posted on the 12th day of having the site, it gained 80,000 views right out of the gate, as nobody knew it was going to be an OCG only list. I can only imagine how much bigger the site would be if the list splits never occurred, as that article held the record for most views on an individual article, despite being on the 12th day of the site, right up until February of 2017.

As luck would have it, our biggest article is now which by itself broke the 200,000 barrier, so you can imagine how different things could have been.

A lot has happened in our fourth year. We got three new Numbers, five major projects started, we completely moved over to discord, we said goodbye to Arc-V, and I even went to E3 and formed a better working relationship with KONAMI in a PR capacity. I’m going to us this post to announce the current status, or completion of, a lot of these projects. There are still two more that will remain unannounced until a later date so stay tuned.

YGOrganization in German

We are officially launching a German Language YGOrganization. A significant portion of you guys come from Germany (more than read even the biggest german sites like etcg) and we’re looking to accommodate them. I’ve put together a small team, and all that is required to launch it is one or two more dedicated helpers to translate the articles from English to German, and to finalize some designs. There is a new skin and layout coming to the future of YGOrganization and it’s going to start out on the German site as a soft open. Expect the launch of that before the end of August, so our German readers can receive the same great content in their own native tongue. Languages such as Spanish, French, and many others are possible for the future.

Cardcoal turns 1 year old

A year ago, in a post just like this one, I announced the birth of Cardfight Coalition, better known as Cardcoal. We managed to get 1,280,400 views in our first year over there which is absolutely fantastic. A huge congratulations to that team, I’m incredibly proud of them. So far their most popular article has been

Team YGOrg

That’s right the rumours are true. There is a YGOrganization competitive league team coming, and we’ve already recruited some members. We won’t say who just yet but expectations are high that they will deliver some pretty superb results. Announcements of members, and what we’re doing differently will be coming throughout August.

More Org Apparel

Additionally, there will be a return of Org T-shirts yet again! These will feature a similar design, but will naturally be noticeably different to what the Team members will be wearing. I’m hoping to do these at a very cheap cost, offering sizes in Medium and Large to start out. Feedback is very important to me, so if you have a different size you’d like to see, let me know by E-mail (found at the bottom of this post) and be sure to include desired colours you’d like to see.


The YGOrganization Youtube Channel hit a pretty big brick wall when my life got super busy around the time of E3. Some of it had to do with re-organizing my house to make room for somebody moving in. With him here now, we are fixing up the space and I hope to bring back the 5 video a week target for this channel, and getting back to the strategy guides. There will also be a lot of content from the Team such as deck profiles and even a few neat ideas I have in the works.

Org Store

The YGOrganization singles store (located on the ‘store’ button above) is back online, and with it will come Code of the Duelist starting next week. Prices will remain in Canadian Dollars. We apologize for the long stagnation on this. We’re hoping to very shortly have other non-card related Org Merch available soon as well.

Online TCG Deck Depository

TCG decklists are coming. AntiTcb and I are working on a really great idea to make the decklists of even TCG Locals posted and analyzed on the site. This will launch by the end of the 2016-2017 year.

More Personalized Content

With the Team will come more personalized content, such as deck guides and duel strategy posts. Quincy will be posting more frequently, and I will be returning to in-depth deck guides as well for a few archetypes. This was a huge ask within our community so we’ll be pushing very hard for this.

The Discord

We’re primarily on Discord if you want to reach us directly. There is always at least one Number active at any given moment of the day. This plays a big factor in ensuring all the news gets posted as soon as possible. When you drop by you’ll notice that you have a white username as a regular user. To clear up some frequently asked questions:
Loyalists – These orange named users have a few extra permissions. These users achieved their rank by donating to the Patreon page for the site.
Dusks – Green user named Discord Chat Mods and direct help to the Organization. These include article writers, translation contributors, or otherwise assisting personnel.
Agents – Yellow user named Discord Chat Mods. These are staff members of Cardfight Coalition
Numbers – Blue user named staff members of


The YGOrg Podcast is going super well. More than 10 episodes in, we’ve even featured a Yu-Gi-Oh! Voice Actor in one of our episodes. We’re hoping to start doing Number interviews as that’s been an ask of some of our readers and community members.


The Twitch channel suffered some unfortunate hits when I was unable to stream my locals. This was due to my local TO telling me I wasn’t allowed to. I’m instead going to experiment with some other Streaming opportunities for the channel but it’s a very low priority.

Social Media

Facebook has now verified our page. We sit at 15,000 likes and thank each and every one of you. We don’t advertise this site anywhere outside of our own Social Media platforms, so it’s a big help. Our Twitter has passed 4200 followers, and our Forums passed 50,000 posts recently.

A huge, huge thank you to our supporters at Patreon, who directly contribute to these projects, if not outright helping keep the site online. You’re the real heroes of this story.

Any suggestions or feedback you can always email to me at [email protected].

There are now more than 250 THOUSAND of you guys coming here over 3 million times each month. This is beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of. Thank you all so much.