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[OCG] Premium Pack 2023 Announced!

With some early details revealed!

Various cards on the pack include:

  • Astral Kuriboh (reprint)
  • Chronicle Magician (reprint)
  • Outburst Dragon (reprint)
  • Blackwing – Sharnga the Waning Moon
  • Photon Jumper
  • Sky Striker Ace – Raye (Miyoshi Artwork)

Premium Pack 2023 is another year of a Jump Festa Official Shop exclusive, for 2500 Yen a box.

Premium Pack 2023 is exclusive to the convention center corner shop and the online shop

32 Different Cards Included

2500 Yen a Box; 10 Packs per Box; 4 cards per Pack

You cannot get all 32 Cards in one Box

Each person is limited to 12 Boxes

Further Confirmed Reprints:

Loris, Lady of Lament
Deep Sea Repetiteur

Also the other remaining two sages of Raye’s hometown are included in this pack, to strengthen your Sky Striker Decks!

Bu no Kenja – Aakas (War Magus – Aakas)

Chi no Kenja – Himmel (Wisdom Magus – Himmel)

Aakas and Himmel are both confirmed to have effects meant to protect your Deck’s Link Monsters.

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