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[OCG] Duelist Meeting 2018 4th

For December, instead of a Deck Experience Event, Konami will be running another of their Duelist Meetings.

Participants get a single Promotion Pack just for entering.

Players using new cards at the Vs. Konami Duel Instructor from the Soulburner Structure Deck and 20th Anniversary Duelist Box also get a Promotion Pack each Duel.

Free Duel Corner Duels, for every 3 Duels fought, participants get 1 Tournament Pack.

Duels at the event are Best-of-1 with 8000 LP per Duel.

Event Participants, for every 1000 Yen spent, get this Special Stockcase:

Also, participants at the end of the event, for filling out a Questionaire, get one of two random Tokens:



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