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[Duel Links] Leo and Luna’s Duel Carnival

Choose your faction and participate in team Duels to win Rewards such as “Armored White Bear” in its Duel Links exclusive debut.

Until August 16 2019.

  • How to Play
  • Event Information
  • Recommended Event Rewards

How to Play 

1. Choose which faction to side with 

Answer the round question by selecting the card that you support.

The Round Question will be updated once every 2 days.

Example of current Round Question:

2. Compete in teams to earn Event Points

Enter a team within the faction from Entry & Duel. Collect Event Points by Dueling in the Event.

The team that reaches 40,000 points first within an hour will win.

3. Keep joining teams – fight for your faction’s victory

Enter a new team from Entry & Duel to Duel more.

The victory/defeat of your team will be decided by the total number of victories on your team.

4. Receive Rewards by Dueling in the Event

Treasure Boxes can be obtained depending on your performance within the team and your faction’s victory/defeat for the round.

You can earn Rewards such as Cards and Gems based on the amount of Event Points you accumulated.

Event Information

PVP Matching

Test Duel against an NPC

ATK Bonus

Event Bonus 

Treasure Boxes

Bonuses available 3 times a day 

EX Jewels 

Recommended Event Rewards 

Obtained with Duel Energy

“Beast Machine King Barbaros Ür” [UR]

Obtained from Treasure Boxes 

“Armored White Bear” [SR]

“Psychic Ace” [UR]

“Goblin Marauding Squad” [SR]

“Battle of the Elements” [SR]

“Heartless Drop Off” [SR]