Cardfight Coalition

Our first Contest – The Launch!

Would you like to win some fabulous prizes?

If you’re here, it’s because you followed the link on Facebook or stumbled upon our website. Either way, I welcome you to enter our launch contest! Simply like our page on Facebook and comment letting us know you’re interested and you’ll be entered! One name chosen at random will win one Dragon Ruler tin of their choice, along with a copy of any distributed* card!

As an added bonus, for every 1000 entrants, another winner will be chosen!

*A distributed card is one that was contained in a core set release. This means LOB up until Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy. If the card has been reprinted in a lower rarity, and you prefer that rarity, please let us know. The winner will be chosen on September 2nd, after the start of the new format!

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