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Shonen Jump Legality Dates

How legality for Shonen Jump promos is expected* to be from here on. i hope y’all ready to learn some QUIK MAFFS.
The Card Legality section of the YCS Atlanta FAQs has updated to include information regarding Shonen Jump Promotional Cards and their legality, information that wasn’t there in previous FAQs.

Card Legality

Q: What cards are legal for play?

A: Please check the “Products” page online at for at the most current legality dates of Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG product releases, prior to preparing your Deck for the event.

The latest release, Extreme Force is legal for play on February 2nd, 2018, so it will be legal for play at YCS Atlanta.
Cards obtained as subscription promos* for Weekly SHONEN JUMP Magazine are legal one week after the Expected Delivery Date for the promo, which can be found on VIZ’s website here:

(Please note there are two dates for each card on this website, make sure you are looking at the Expected Delivery Date).

Subscription promo cards cannot be used in Sanctioned events prior to the legality date as described above, even if they are received early.
*These subscription promos are only available if you are a resident of US or Canada, and tournament legal dates apply only to sanctioned North American events.

So, as an example, if we go to WSJ’s Promotional Card page, we see that Linkuriboh’s Expected Delivery Date is January 26, 2018. 7 days following that would mean that Linkuriboh would be legal Febuary 2, 2018.

Another example from the same page- Trickstar Crimson Heart’s Expected Delivery Date is February 28, 2018, and thus would be legal on March 7, 2018.

*Please note that card legality for YCS events as well as other tournaments can change at any time, and to always read the FAQs for Card Legality and other important information at

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