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[Deck Recipe] Vellian Crowler Style “Ancient Gear” Deck

No Heavy Storm or Confiscation, tho’.

Vellian Crowler Style “Ancient Gear” Deck

3 Ancient Gear Golem
3 Ancient Gear Wyvern
3 Ancient Gear Box
2 Ancient Gear Gadget
2 Ancient Gear Frame
2 Ancient Gear Golem – Ultimate Pound

3 Ancient Gear Catapult
3 Geartown
3 Pot of Extravagance
2 Ancient Gear Fusion
1 Ancient Gear Fortress
1 Polymerization
1 Limiter Removal
1 Galaxy Cyclone
1 Mausoleum of the Emperor
1 Terraforming
1 Set Rotation

3 Ancient Gear Reborn
3 Magical Hats
2 Statue of the Wicked
1 Cross-Dimensional Duel

3 Ultimate Ancienr Gear Golem
3 Ancient Gear Megaton Golem
3 Ancient Gear Howitzer
3 Ancient Gear Ballista
3 Gear Gigant X

Deck Concept

An “Ancient Gear” Deck in the style of Vellian Crowler.

This Deck that aims to start off the game by attacking with high ATK monsters like “Ancient Gear Golem” or “Ancient Gear Golem – Ultimate Pound”.

Besides using “Magical Hats” to Set “Geartown” from the Deck to destroy it, you can also use it to send “Galaxy Cyclone”, “Ancient Gear Catapult” or even “Statue of the Wicked” (which was used in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime).


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