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[OCG] A New Enemy Appears

With the start of VRAINS, it’s been announced that Konami’s Japanese branch is retiring the Obelisk Force gimmick.

Starting May 13th, Konami is retiring the Obelisk Force as regular opponents at events, and replacing them with the Knights of Hanoi, the group of hackers from Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS that Yusaku and his internet alter ego, Playmaker, oppose.

This has been signaled over the last month with the aforementioned “Arigatou Obelisk Force” and white-black pictures of the Obelisk Force members. (Colors usually associated in Japan with death or the end of things, especially the color white)

And to kick off the start of the “Knights of Hanoi” program, Konami is holding a “Challenge the Knights of Hanoi” Event at participating stores during Yu-Gi-Oh! Day (the release date of Collector’s Pack 2017)

Players are required to play Decks based off of characters from the cartoon and comic book series when playing the Obelisk Force.

Promotion Packs (the kind that contains Vennu and the like) will be handed out.

And players participating in this event who purchase 2000 or more Yen worth of product will be given 20 special Card Protectors (second layer sleeves) when entering the event.

This also likely means the monthly Deck Recipes provided by Konami from the Obelisk Force will probably be turned over to the Knights of Hanoi (who are almost definitely┬áthe same folks with different masks and clothes), so if you see a different name for those, it’s mostly just a rebranding thing.

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