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Help Us Improve Dueling Network Card Texts! [Contest]

It’s a widely known fact that in the new Silver Dragon Value Box, you get a few packs of Duelist Pack: Kaiba, and there’s even an upcoming reprint of its Yugi counterpart. It’s a little known fact, however, that these Unlimited Print runs have PSCT.

Now, why would this matter to Dueling Network?

Dueling Network’s Card Database is maintained by us. We scour the internet (and, sometimes, even buy cards) for the sake of updating card texts, so that players may use PSCT to solve in-game disputes.

However, not enough people realize their Duelist Pack Kaiba pulls from the Value Box have updated texts that we would greatly appreciate. Check out the text of Ancient Lamp for example:

Seems a lot easier to understand, right?

Well you can help us! We can’t find the cards on eBay, Amazon, or anywhere else, and if not for one of our friends, we wouldn’t even have the picture above.

Did you get any Silver Dragon Value Boxes? Upload pictures of your DPKB reprints! The User who provides us with the most card texts will receive a prize!

You may use, imgur, tinypic, imageshack or whatever image upload site you prefer. Just link in the comments. Thanks.

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