V Jump April 2018 Misc

Let’s start with the new Opening for VRAINS

Starting in April 2018, Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS will have a new Opening Theme called “go forward”. It will be sung by KIMERU. He’s best known to anime fans as acting as Shusuke Fuji in The Prince of Tennis musicals, but Yu-Gi-Oh! fans will know him best for OVERLAP, the opening theme to the Pharaoh’s Memories arc of Yu-Gi-Oh!, as well as EYE’S, the ending theme to that same arc.

Sword Arts, sally forth! Eradicate ’em!!
In order to fight against a powerful enemy nation, a new type of weapon, “Sentou Mecha”, was developed using advanced military tech. The sword “Sentou”, the ignition device for these weapons, was entrusted to the girl “Rei”. To protect the people of her homeland, she flies solo into the heart of the enemy forces!!

(TL Note: “Sentou” uses the kanji for “flash/brandish” and “sword”. Additionally, the “eradicate” used here is slightly different from normal, replacing the usual “sen”, or “massacre” kanji in the word “senmetsu” with the same “sen” as “Sentou”, or “flash”.)

“Rei”, the girl trained to defeat a powerful nation!!
By activating the power of Sentou, she can open special Gates, and from there launch an assault with the “Sentou Mecha”.

Meet Any and All Battle Conditions! Sentou Mode Change!!
“Rei” opens the Gates with Sentou at maximum output, changing into a decisive battle mode to fit the situation. She mows down her enemies with overwhelming firepower!!

Her standard form is “Normal Mode”

Sentou Maiden Shizuku
“Touei Mode”, i.e. Sword Defense Mode
A defense based mode. It can generate barriers to prevent all attacks.

Sentou Maiden Kagari
“Senmetsu Mode”, i.e. Flash Eradication Mode
An enemy force eradication mode. It is said that none who look upon her in this form return alive.

Finishing Sentou Move Activate!!
Each of her modes has an ultimate attack, a “Sento Technique/Move”, unleashed without regard for her own safety.

New Cospa Goods

VRAINS themed T-Shirts
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
Price: 2900 Yen
Release Date: April 2018

Decode Talker

Firewall Dragon

Blue Angel

Into the Vrains (Black)

Into the Vrains (White)

Playmaker Messenger Bag
27 cm x 48 cm x 16 cm
Price: 4200 Yen
Release Date: April 2018


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