[TCG] Generation Duels at YCS Origins!

Some of you might remember the 10th Anniversary tournament offered at Gen Con years ago. It was very popular, and now we have something very similar based on all of the different eras of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Take a look at: Generation Duel Tournament!

The Generation Duel Tournament is a new event where Duelists can play a Deck based off of one of the five different anime series (eras) of Yu-Gi-Oh!. Each era has its own Forbidden & Limited List, listed below.

Choose your Era and Get Ready to DUEL!

Five formats based on the five Eras of the game

With 5 different forbidden/limited lists!

The Generation Duel Tournament is a Modified Advanced Format, Constructed event. The number of Duelists will determine the number of rounds that are played.

Number of Participants Number of Swiss Rounds
5 – 8 Duelists 3 Rounds
9 – 16 Duelists 4 Rounds
17 – 32 Duelists 5 Rounds
33 – 64 Duelists 6 Rounds

At the end of the rounds of Swiss, Duelists that are ranked 1st through 4th place will receive the Generation Game Mat that corresponds to the era of their Deck.

Source: http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/events/generationduel.html

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