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[TCG] Eternity Code Premiere!

There’s a good chance you won’t get a promo card now.

Also yes, the ! is a part of the name.

Beginning with the Eternity Code booster set release, Sneak Peek events will now be called Premiere! events, a brand-new event series offering Duelists a superior launch experience for all quarterly, core booster releases. This is what you can expect from the Eternity Code Premiere! event:

  • Duelists can purchase more packs of the new set than ever before. While Sneak Peeks limited Duelists to just 5 boosters, Premiere! events will include 5 packs with registration and give attendees the option to purchase additional packs, while supplies last.
  • The promo card for each Premiere! event will be far more exclusive at a rate of 4 promos per Premiere! kit, which will also include 2 Premiere! Mouse Pads as additional player support.
  • The hosting OTS can choose to run their Premiere! event in the format that best serves their community: tournament play, open Dueling or a mix of both. If the OTS chooses to host a tournament, the promo cards and Mouse Pads will be split between prizing and random giveaways to make sure competitive and casual attendees both get a chance.

With highly desirable promo cards, more freedom in event formats and increased opportunities to purchase more of the new release, Premiere! events will raise the bar for pre-release experiences in 2020 and beyond.


And from information sent out to stores:

We would like to introduce the Core Booster Premiere! that will be replacing our current Sneak Peeks starting with the release of Eternity Code.

The Core Booster Premiere! will take place at the same time as previous sneak peeks, on the weekend before the official release date. Eternity Code Premiere! will be held on Saturday April 25th and/or Sunday April 26th.

You will no longer need to purchase multiple Sneak Peek kits from the Konami Store, instead you will purchase Core Booster cases. For the first Premiere! the number of cases you are eligible to purchase will be based on your local tournament attendance and attendance at previous Sneak Peeks.

Each participating OTS will receive a free Core Booster Premiere! kit. The kit will contain a 3’x2’ OTS banner designed for the Core Booster that you can display in your OTS. It will also contain 4 exclusive Promo Cards and 2 Mouse Pads to be given away at the Core Booster Premiere!. Based on how many cases of Core Boosters you purchase; the kit will have additional promo cards and mouse pads for prizing and door prizes.

OTS will have the option of running open dueling, a tournament, or both! The Duelist registration fee will remain $20, and they will continue to receive their 5 Core Boosters to participate in the event and be eligible to receive the promo cards and mouse pad.

In addition to the 5 packs, Duelists will have the opportunity to purchase additional Core Boosters from the OTS throughout the Premiere! weekend while your supplies last. You will have the ability to set limits as to how many additional boosters Duelists can purchase. Any unsold Boosters must then be held by the OTS until the OTS release date the following Thursday.

The primary goal of allowing OTS to sell additional core boosters during the Premiere! event is to create a more overall, positive launch experience.


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