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[DP19] The Poster

Three more reprints are confirmed.

Info on Reprints:

Thousand-Eyes Restrict is DP19-JP005

Armed Dragon LV7 is DP19-JP027

Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem is DP19-JP036

Rainbow Dragon is DP19-JP043

Also, the general summary for each character’s new themes:

  • Pegasus J. Crawford: Control your opponent’s mind with new Illusion tactics!
  • Insector Haga:┬áInsects quietly wriggling and squirming. Silently sneak up on your prey with your buzzing wings.
  • Bandit Keith: The cool-headed machines give rise to a new invincible legend
  • Manjoume Jun: His various ace cards assemble here and now!
  • Chronos de Medici: The gears turn once more, revitalizing the Dark Ages Deck!
  • Johan Anderson: The glittering of the 7 gemstones paints a new Rainbow!


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