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[Deck Recipes] Sample Deck Recipes from “Galaxy of Fate!!”

Let’s see how far we’ve come!

EARTH Machine-Type Deck Featuring “Jointech Rex”

An EARTH Machine-Type Deck that uses the new “Jointech Rex”!
“Jointech Rex” shuffles 3 monsters from your GY back into the Deck to destroy 1 card in your opponent’s Spell/Trap Zone, making it an incredibly powerful effect!
By destroying your opponent’s Trap Cards, you can set up for the attacks of powerful Fusion Monsters!
Also, the brand new Legend Card, “Barrel Dragon” is the first Coin Toss related monster.
By tossing 3 Coins, if 2 or more of them are heads, you can destroy 1 monster your opponent controls! Also, this effect can be used each turn!
Destroy your opponent’s ace cards to secure your victory!

3 Jointech Rex
1 Barrel Dragon (LEGEND)
3 Printing Presser
1 Cleaning Machine Gorgain
3 Reporter Raccoon Miketan
3 Reportrain
3 Crusher Drone
2 Ether Seeker
2 Ether Finder
3 Crafter Drone
2 Rapid Carriearth
1 Amazing Dealer
3 Scoop Scooter

3 Fusion
2 Heavy Cavalry Tactics
1 Future Mining
1 Apocalypse – Beast Gear World

3 Soul of a Reporter

3 Lightning Speed, the Rumbling Report Warship
3 Ether Fast Striker

Galaxy-Type Deck

A super-strong Deck featuring the brand new Galaxy-Type!
Its ace monster is “Galactica Oblivion”, which has both 2500 ATK and 2500 DEF!
Also, since it has Level 7 Normal Monsters, the effect of “Secret Order” lets you Special Summon from the GY!!
Also, the brand new “Satellite Pegasus”, if your Graveyard has 1 or less monsters in it, its super strong effect lets you destroy an opponent’s monster!
You can activate this during your first turn if going second first, or you can empty out your Graveyard with the effect of “Siesta Torero”.
This Deck, by using “Siesta Torero” and “Black Handshaker”, et al., you can change your opponent’s monsters to Defense Position, making it synergize with cards with many piercing effects.

3 Galactica Oblivion
3 Milky Wave Neo
1 Great Cosmonarch
1 Blitzkrieg Cavalry Triggerdrago
1 Vietor the Prevailing Wind
1 Executie Fermi
1 Transamu Rainiac
3 Satellite Pegasus
1 Transamu Ephyrai
2 Ozone Layer
1 Astro Rescue
3 Siesta Torero
3 Amazing Dealer
3 Black Handshaker

1 Graceful Charity (LEGEND)
3 Secret Order
2 Ship of Seven Treasures
1 Meteor Charge
1 Powerful Pierce!!
1 Ghost Cyclone
1 Magical Stone Excavation

1 Crisis at the Sacred Tower
1 Demolition Wyrm Roar
1 Strange Wall

Beast-Type Deck Featuring “Magical Sheep Girl Meeeg-chan”

A Beast-Type Deck featuring the brand new “Magical Sheep Girl Meeeg-chan”!
“Magical Sheep Girl Meeeg-chan” has a powerful exclusive support card, “Meet and Greed”, that lets you attack 3 times and lowers the ATK of all your opponent’s monsters!
Also “Meet and Greed” can be recovered from the Graveyard with the effect of “Ewekai Planeau”! That means you can potentially have “Meeeg-chan” attack multiple times each turn!
Also, since this card has a lot of EARTH Normal Monsters, you can use powerful Spell/Trap Cards such “Shuhari Sword” or “Opening Move Omens”!
Combine brand new Beast-Type monsters with powerful Spell & Trap Cards to seize victory!!

3 Magical Sheep Girl Meeeg-chan
3 Beast Drive Mega Elephant
2 Whirlwind Phantom Beast PazuzuHell
3 Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts
3 Alligator’s Sword
3 Griffore
3 Beast Summoner
3 Ewekai Planeau
3 Packrat
3 Ewekai Grounmouton

1 Tribute to the Doomed (LEGEND)
2 Meet and Greed
2 Opening Move Omen
1 Shuhari Sword
1 Secret Order
1 Rage of the Wild Beasts

1 Cross-Sword Deathmatch
1 Ewekai – Grudge From The Grave
1 Scaredy Cats

Insect-Type Deck

A new type of Insect-Type Deck that fights by changing your opponent’s monsters into Insect-Types!
The brand new “Bladearmor King Dynas Dorcus” has a powerful effect to destroy your opponent’s Insect-Type monsters.
Change your opponent’s monsters into Insect-Types to destroy them with “Swapinning Silkworm Fibellon”, “Bio Mechamantis” and “Type Change Beam”
Also, by sending the top card of your Deck to the GY, you can use the super powerful effect of “Daigyakutenno Megami”, to destroy 2 of your opponent’s monsters with the same Type as the card sent to the Graveyard!
This Deck’s monsters are chiefly Insect-Type, so you can wipe out your opponent’s monsters turned into Insect-Types all at once with “Daigyakutenno Megami”!!
By changing your opponent’s powerful ace monsters into Insect-Types, you can further your Duel towards victory!!

2 Bladearmor King Dynas Dorcus
2 Anglered Digra
3 Daigyakutenno Megami
2 Gyakutenno Megami
1 Ravenous Insect Matiless
3 Flying Kamakiri #2
3 Atlas Combat Beetle
3 Bio Mechamantis
3 Princess Ladybug White
3 Dramoth Caterpillar
3 Swapinning Silkworm Fibellon

1 Monster Reborn (LEGEND)
3 Intrude Beetle
3 Type Change Beam
1 Insect Rampage
1 Ship of Seven Treasures

2 Anti-Ant Barrier
1 Lazy Bugged

Fusion Summon Centric Warrior-Type Deck

A Warrior-Type Deck strengthened by Fusion Summons!
The brand new “Samurai of the Wooden Sword” has “Masaki the Legendary Samurai” and “Century Ancient Wooden Sword” as material, while “Hero of the Sweep” has “Year-Old Broom” and “Hero of the Yeast”, that you can both Fusion Summon!
“Masaki the Legendary Samurai” and “Hero of the Yeast” can be used as materials for Fusion Materials, you can power things up allowing you to utilize Fusion Summons that you can pick and choose for the situation.
Also since this Deck has EARTH Normal Monsters, you can use brand new cards that support them, creating a powerful Deck that can fight offensively and defensively!
Further the path to victory together with the strongest Samurai with the power of new Fusions!!

1 Millennium Shield (LEGEND)
3 Yamiruler the Dark Delayer
3 Masaki the Legendary Samurai
3 Hero of the Yeast
1 Priestess of Star Salvation
3 Ether Seeker
3 Ether Finder
3 Century-Old Ancient Wooden Sword
3 Year-Old Broom
3 Horn Wan Yue the Music Princess
3 Archfiend’s Summoning Flute

3 Fusion
3 Star Restart
1 Secret Sword Technique! Refined Ruler Render
1 Shuhari Sword
1 Opening Move Omen

1 Cross-Sword Deathmatch
1 Makaetsuki!

3 Kengo Shogun of the Crescent Moon
3 Hero of the Assist
3 Hero of the Sweep
3 Samurai of the Wooden Sword
3 Ether Fast Striker

“Sevengias” Deck

A multi-Type Deck centered around “Sevensgias the Magical Dragon Knight”!
“Sevengias the Magical Dragon Knight” can be Fusion Summoned with “Sevens Road Magician” and “Multistrike Dragias” as material!
Its ultra powerful effect lets you choose between “It gains 700 ATK times the number of different Types in the Graveyard and Attack Twice” as well as “Destroy all face-up cards on the field”!
This Deck has 13 different Types in total, meaning “Sevengias” can gain a max of 9100 ATK to reach 12100 ATK!
By combining ace monsters’ power, push to victory with the strongest attack!!

3 Sevens Road Magician
3 Multistrike Dragon Dragias
1 Executie Fermi
3 Sevens Road Witch
3 Sevens Road Sorcerer
1 Priestess of Star Salvation
1 Sea Dragon Knight
2 Swordsman of Roadstar
3 Phoenix Dragon
1 Spirit of Bolt of Inspiration
1 Archfiend’s Summoning Flute
3 Imaginary Actor
1 Sword Dancer
1 Serpainter
1 Gracesaurus
1 Magic Juggler
1 Snake Crown

1 Monster Reborn (LEGEND)
3 Fusion
2 Star Restart
2 Extreme Rage Release
1 Executie Up!
1 Magical Stone Excavation

2 Sevengias the Magical Dragon Knight
2 Master of Sevens Road
2 Sevens Paladin the Magical Knight
2 Metallion Asurastar
2 Metallion Vritrastar
2 Metallion Ladonstar
2 Metallion Eraclestar
1 Metallion Kingcobrastar




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