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Creative Deck Profile: A Familiar Fairy Tail – Possessed, ft. Ghosts from the Past Support

Combine archetypes, themes, and attributes as you Charm your opponent with this Fairy Tale.


Strategic Summary:

The Awakened Possessed join the Fairy Tail theme in supporting this strategy built around combining multiple attributes to enshrine its power. The Fairy Tale theme revolves around LIGHT Spellcasters with 1850 ATK power, each offering a unique ‘gimmicky’ effect to utilize. However, they also were designed to synergize extremely well with the Familiar-Possessed archetype, as the Possessed Spells/Traps all support any Spellcaster with 1850 ATK. The new Fairy Tail (YGOrg Translation) in Selection 10 (OCG) or Ghosts from the Past (TCG, probably) grants extra Normals of Spellcasters with 1850 ATK, and this gives you even more field presence with a Charmer deck than ever before. While we aren’t breaking out the traditional Elemental Charmers or Familiar-Possessed today, Lyna and Dharc make an appearance as they are fairly easy to summon while searching the next piece to your combo. Lastly, this strategy is supported by a modest Magistus engine, supporting with even more Spellcasters and the Attribute-modulation brought by Crowley. The last key are the familiars, Level 4 monsters that can Special Summon from the hand while controlling a Spellcaster, unlocking their Awakened forms straight from the deck. So don’t be caught dozing – Awaken and be charmed by this hybrid tale.

Provided Decklist:

Monsters: 27
| Gravekeeper’s Shaman
| Awakening of the Possessed – Rasenryu
| Awakening of the Possessed – Nefariouser Archfiend
| Awakening of the Possessed – Gagigobyte
| Familiar-Possessed – Dharc
| Familiar-Possessed – Lyna
||| Fairy Tail – Luna
||| Fairy Tail – Rochka
||| Magistus Grimoire Crowley
|| Magistus Flame Zoroa
||| Jigabyte
| Ranryu
||| Nefarious Archfiend Eater of Nefariousness
| Magistus Master Endymion
| Dharc the Dark Charmer
| Lyna the Light Charmer

Spells: 9
||| Spirit Charmers
||| Awakening of the Possessed
||| Fairy Tail

Traps: 4
||| Possessed Partnerships
| Unpossessed

| Ravenous Crocodragon Archethys
| Borreload Savage Dragon
| Magistus Goddess Ninaruru
| Abyss Dweller
| Knightmare Unicorn
| Selene, Queen of the Master Magicians
| Knightmare Phoenix
| Wynn the Wind Charmer, Verdant
| Hiita the Fire Charmer, Ablaze
| Eria the Water Charmer, Gentle
| Aussa the Earth Charmer, Immovable
| Knightmare Cerberus
| Geonator Transverser
| Barricadeborg Blocker
| Magistus Maiden Artemis


Note: This is continuing the style of Creative Deck Profile articles, designed to showcase a build through replays rather than through a long article. If you wish to see a CDP for an archetype, theme, or strategy you love, feel free to private message me on the YGOrg Discord server, the comments section of any of my YouTube videos, or just post a comment in response to this article on our Facebook page with your ideas to keep under consideration! On most YGO-related communities my username is Quincymccoy, so feel free to reach out.

As of now, I have 7 outstanding requests that I am considering: Melodious, Heraldic Beasts, Darklord, Amorphage, Magnet Warrior, Virtual World, & Volcanic. Some of my prior requests was covered by participants in CDSS4, so I highly suggest checking that out!

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