[OCG] Cardobing on LVAL Gravekeepers

“Gravekeeper” Special Feature: They’ve Been Revived With New Cards from “Legacy of the Valiant”!

The incredibly old, yet still remarkably active, “Gravekeepers” have gotten supercharged with the advent of new cards in “Legacy of the Valiant”! Let’s make a “Gravekeeper” Deck that fits you!

Gravekeeper’s Oracle
(ATK 2000/DEF 1500)
A super high Level Monster who transcends the limits of Level 8, he doesn’t need to just be Tribute Summoned with 2 monsters, it can also be Tribute Summoned with Three Monsters OR just 1 “Gravekeeper” monster. Then you can choose to activate effects A, B or C when this card is Normal Summoned, depending on the number of “Gravekeepers” that were Tributed!
(A) This card gains ATK equal to the combined Levels of all monsters Tributed times 100!
(B) All Set monsters your opponent controls are destroyed!
(C) All monsters your opponent controls lose 2000 ATK and DEF!

Introducing the new “Gravekeeper” Monsters!
All of the new monsters this time are DARK Spellcaster-Type monsters. Let’s check out the key features of each card!

Gravekeeper’s Disciple
(ATK 1000/DEF 1000)
When this card is attacked by an opponent’s monster and destroyed AND sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon 1 “Gravekeeper” monster, other than “Gravekeeper’s Disciple”, from your Deck in face-down Defense Position! It’s recommended you use this card in tandem with cards that have Flip Effects, such as “Gravekeeper’s Spy”. Using the effect of “Gravekeeper’s Spy”, you can Special Summon “Gravekeeper’s Descendent” and destroy an opponent’s card. Alternatively, you could Special Summon “Gravekeeper’s Shaman” (who’ll be introduced later) to protect “Necrovalley”. This card allows for powerful combos that let you bring out whatever you need, depending on the situation!

Gravekeeper’s Ambusher
(ATK 1700/DEF 0)
When this card flips face-up, you can take 1 card from the opponent’s Graveyard and place it at the bottom of your opponent’s Deck! And if this flipped-up card is sent to the Graveyard, you can add a “Necrovalley” card in your Graveyard to your hand. While you can certainly grab “Necrovalley”, it can also recover “Hidden Temples of Necrovalley” and “Imperial Tombs of Necrovalley” from your Graveyard. (This card’s effects are unaffected by the effect of “Necrovalley”.)

Gravekeeper’s Shaman
(ATK 1500/DEF 1500)
This card’s DEF is equal to the number of “Gravekeeper” monsters in your Graveyard times 200! Also, while this card is face-up on the field, the effects of monsters, other than “Gravekeeper” monsters, cannot activate in the Graveyard! Also if “Necrovalley” is on the field, your opponent cannot activate Field Spell Cards, and Field Spell Cards on the field cannot be destroyed by your opponent’s card effects! This card is a powerful support card that’ll help develop a game field

New Spells and Traps Also Appear!
A powerful new Spell and Trap appear, that both rely on a “Gravekeeper” and the card “Necrovalley” to activate!

Hidden Temples of Necrovalley
(Continuous Spell Card)
It’s a powerful Continuous Spell Card that while face-up on the field, prevents both players from Special Summoning monsters other than “Gravekeepers”. However, to activate this card, you’ll need both a “Gravekeeper” and “Necrovalley” on the field. But be sure to understand if a “Gravekeeper” and “Necrovalley” aren’t on the field, this card destroys itself!

Imperial Tombs of Necrovalley
(Counter Trap Card)
This is a Counter Trap Card capable of negating the activation of a Spell or Trap Card OR the activation of an Effect Monster’s effect. Just like “Hidden Shrines of Necrovalley”, you must have “Necrovalley” and a “Gravekeeper” monster on the field, so fight while keeping those on the field! By using these new cards, you’ll be able to control the opponent’s actions, and if you can set up this Counter Trap Card, it’ll be a big boost in maintaining your frontline, so you should be able to use it to your advantage!

The Number of “Gravekeeper” and “Necrovalley” related cards that can work together to seal your opponent’s moves have increased!

What will you use to build you “Gravekeeper” Deck!

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