[OCG] Power Pros x Yu-Gi-Oh! Collab

I’m not sure these would be internationally released despite being a Konami IP.

Konami’s Power Pros IP (known in Japan as Powerful Pros Yakyuu) is doing a crossover with Yu-Gi-Oh! with Power Pros’ current mobile phone game

By clearing missions in the app, you can then show you cleared them to staff at Geo, TATSUYA or Konami Satellite Shops throughout Japan to recieve a pack including Dark Magician (in the Power Pros art style) and Power Pro Lady Sisters (a Vanilla promo based on the Harpie Lady Sisters and girls from Power Pros).

PPC1-JP001 Black Magician (Dark Magician)
Level 7 DARK Spellcaster Normal Monster
ATK 2500
DEF 2100
The ultimate wizard in terms of attack and defense.

PPC1-JP002 Pawapro Lady Sanshimai (Power Pro Lady Sisters)
Level 6 WIND Winged Beast Normal Monster
ATK 1950
DEF 2100
Three good friends from Power Pro. They dance gracefully on to the field with their passion for baseball!
Hayakawa Aoi: The series’s first female player. She’s an underhand pitcher, and her signature move is the “Marineball”. She’s Tachibana Mizuki’s sempai.
Tachibana Mizuki: She’s a tomboyish and spirited pitcher. Her signature move is the “Crescent Moon”. She loves pudding from the Power Canteen.
Rokudou Hijiri: A catcher with unmatched baseball talent. She’s been best friends with Tachibana Mizuki since middle school. Shes loves the kintsuba from the Power Canteen.

The missions last from January 18th (After Maintenance) to February 3rd, and you can get the cards on January 18th (After Maintenance) to February 10th at the select partner locations.


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