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[23PP] Complete Card Name List

No effect translations. Pictures are too small.

Ark: As a note, the pictures of the cards are of such poor quality, we will be refusing to post translations of the texts at the moment. Essentially the card text is so small that it’d be impossible to tell the difference of say, ‘right’ or ‘night’ as well as inability to accurately discern numbers. We’ll be sticking with verifying identities and that’s it, folks.

Wait for either better pictures or the DB. DB will likely update in 2 weeks.

23PP-JP001 Arms Regeneration
23PP-JP002 Praying Mantis
23PP-JP003 Guard Mantis
23PP-JP004 Golden Rule
23PP-JP005 Duality
23PP-JP006 Shadow’s Light
23PP-JP007 Protection of the Elements
23PP-JP008 Blackwing – Sharnga the Waning Moon

23PP-JP009 Rose Shaman
23PP-JP010 Final Cross
23PP-JP011 Cattycorn
23PP-JP012 Photon Jumper
23PP-JP013 Fissioning Mother Spider
23PP-JP014 Baby Spider
23PP-JP015 D/D/D/D Super-Dimensional Sovereign Emperor Zero Paradox
23PP-JP016 Additional Mirror LV7

23PP-JP017 Synchro Zone
23PP-JP018 War Magus – Aakas
23PP-JP019 Wisdom Magus – Himmel
23PP-JP020 Sky Striker Ace – Raye (Reprint; Alternate Art)
23PP-JP021 Deep Sea Repetiteur (Reprint)
23PP-JP022 Harpie’s Pet Dragon – Fearsome Fire Blast (Reprint)
23PP-JP023 Astral Kuriboh (Reprint)
23PP-JP024 Outburst Dragon (Reprint)

23PP-JP025 Victoria, Angel of Bravery (Reprint)
23PP-JP026 Rookie Warrior Lady (Reprint)
23PP-JP027 Chronicle Magician (Reprint)
23PP-JP028 Yorishiro of the Aqua (Reprint)
23PP-JP029 Yakusa, Lord of the Eight Thunders (Reprint)
23PP-JP030 Changshi the Spiridao (Reprint)
23PP-JP031 Red-Eyes Black Meteor Dragon (Reprint)
23PP-JP032 Loris, Lady of Lament (Reprint)

Source: Official Product Page for Jump Festa


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