The Ultra Authority on the U.A.

A year following the last article about a TCG-Premiere archetype on Noble Knights, I decided to get together with the other U.A. fanboy on the YGOrg writing staff (UltimateKuriboh) and work on creating a comprehensive guide to the U.A. (Ultra Athlete) archetype! Click below to read about the sport freaks in all of their glory, and learn how you can use this archetype to win competitively in over 30 Word Doc pages of valuable information (20,000 words), none of which consist of history or lore theme. It’s purely related to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.

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Osaka WCS 2015 Decklists

The “other” nats because one is never enough.
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[DOCS] The New Dracoslayer Revealed

Well, the artwork anyway, nothing else.

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[TCG] Lord of the Red

Because news loves to come in singular pieces. But this one’s via a Giant Card
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[OCG] New DOCS Cards

New stuff from new CM.

EDIT: Stuff updated.

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Demystifying Rulings, Part 4: ‘When’ Optional Effects

This article is about the often confused and misunderstood ruling concerning ‘when’ optional effects.

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[GX] Official Legal Subs

Yes, a miracle has happened.
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[OCG] DOCS Igknight

Yes, those fabulous men aren’t done yet.
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[TCG] The Next Shonen Jump Promo

As usually, this will anger non-North American Players.
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