Ygorganization going forward

Now that things have calmed down a bit, I wanted to make a post addressing a few recent changes and some future plans.

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[OCG] Next Japanese Tournament Pack

A lot of this stuff is sort of over the place due to contents of CORE and CPD1.

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[ARC-V] Episode 54 Summary

Episode 54: シンクロ次元『シティ』 Shinkuro Jigen “Shiti” (The Synchro Dimension “City”)
3rd May 2015
Yuya joins in the Lancers, selected by Akaba Reiji to fight against the different dimensions. On the other hand, Yuzu arrives at the Synchro Dimension with Yugo. There, she encounters duelists of another dimension…
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Haoh Kokuryuu Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon

Rulings are usually done by Redshift and Ness, but the rulings for CORE are probably gonna take a bit since there are like 200 something of them. In the mean time, since Haoh is such a cool new type of card that I’m sure everyone is dying to know how it works, I thought I’d explain how it works based on all the rulings that are out for it.

Also Igknights and their interactions with those cards, if you’re into that sort of thing.

EDIT: A second Igknight ruling that you should all be mindful of.

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[OCG] More CPD1 Cards

From the new commercial

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[TCG] Ritual Beast’s CROS Ace’s Name Confirmed

And from an article referencing a meme about a sitting US Supreme Court Justice no less.
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[TCG] CROS Regionals Mat

Seems TCG and Korea have similar ideas in mats.
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[OCG] New CPD1 Card

From the official twitter

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