[OCG] EP15 U.A. Card

Just Midfielder and all.
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[OCG] 08/31/2015 OCG Japan Decklists

This week’s Decklists are here, but MGSV still isn’t.
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[BOSH] Goyo Emperor

New card from this week’s episode.

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[ARC-V] Episode 72 Summary

Episode 72: ドラゴン征伐!! ユーゴVS沢渡 Doragon Seibatsu!! Yuugo VS Sawatari (Slaying the Dragon!! Yuugo vs Sawatari)
6th September 2015
Yuya is depressed knowing that the people of the City does not understand the kind of duel that he believes in. Meanwhile, Yuugo vs Sawatari begins in the venue!
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Summary of PSCT

PSCT (Problem-Solving Card Text) is the term used for the way Konami has written card texts since 2011. It encodes key information about card effects, meaning that they can now be deduced from the card text itself with a little knowledge. Read more ›

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YCS Toronto “Coverage”

Dan here. Three of us playing, one judging. Not much to cover.

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YCS Rimini Giant Cards

Most notably, Giant Card Norden.
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[OCG] 08/28/15 Rulings

Bring your Kuriboh to work day.

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