[OCG] ACS 2015 Mats

Wisdom to those who attend, courage for those who succeed. Or something like that.

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[OCG] Duelist Pack: Battle City Reprint

More Toons. Well. Specifically, one.

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WCQ Top Cut mat

Staying frosty.
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[OCG] Duelist News on Pot of Taboos

New Card News! The Flip Monster with powerful effects “Pot of Taboos” (Included in DOCS)

Dimension of Chaos (which goes on sale July 18th, 2015), includes the flip monster “Pot of Taboos” which has a powerful Trigger Effect! That effect allows you to choose from and activate one of four different effects, all of which are obscenely powerful!
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[Arc-V] Episode 58 Summary

Episode 58: 闇デュエルへの招待 Yami Dyueru he no Shoutai (Invitation to the Dark Duel)
May 31st, 2015
Gongenzaka and Dennis are invited to the underground world of dark duels. There they encounter Kurosaki who is the main star there!
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Lose 1 turn Ruling

“This post is in regards to Lose 1 Turn and the rulings that were made at the 150th YCS last weekend in Columbus.
To start off, the ruling for Lose 1 Turn at Columbus would treat it largely like other effect negation in that if the monster effect activated on the field, it would be negated. This is consistent with how most negation works in Yu-Gi-Oh! and is the default way I treat any new negation effect.
The other commonly cited style of negation is that of Skill Drain. Effect negation through Skill Drain is different than most in that the location of the monster during resolution of the effect matters. The PSCT for Skill Drain makes this apparent with the text “negated while those monsters are face-up on the field”.
When you look at the PSCT for Lose 1 Turn, there is no similar text. It simply states “negate its effects”. If the PSCT for two cards are different, then there is probably a difference in how those two cards work.
I understand there is an OCG ruling that states the card is similar to Skill Drain. However, we do not follow OCG rulings here in the TCG. We follow the text of the card. This has contributed to differences in the past, and will probably continue to do so in the future. So while looking at OCG rulings is easier, I would encourage everyone to better learn the principles of PSCT and use that to determine how your cards work, as it will help you find those differences.
That being said, I have been told that R&D is looking at changing the text for Lose 1 Turn in a as-of-yet undetermined future printing to make the text similar to Skill Drain, as it does work in a similar fashion.”

This is a quote from Robert Wakeland, Head Judge of the 150th YCS.

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[OCG] Majespecter WJ News

Yes. Majespecter, not Magispecter. A new S/T for them indicates their name is most likely meant to be read as “Majespecter” as in Majestic + Specter.

Moving on…

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[OCG] New Card from DOCS

This one’s a little different.

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