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As A Note…

Konami and the Official YGO Anime Twitter are doing another “Retweet a certain post on Sunday and if you do, you get more icons and card news revealed.” thing.

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[OCG] Superheavy Swordmaster Musashi

Get it? Level 5? Book of Five Rings?

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[BOSH] Dinomist Rush

Simple and clean.

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[OCG] Extra Pack 2015 Rulings

I’m really starting to hate the phrases “Book of Moon or Compulsory Evacuation Device” and “While the effect of Macro Cosmos is applying”.

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[OCG] 10/05/2015 OCG Japan (and China) Decklists

This week’s decklists are here!
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[OCG] Traditional Chinese SD24

That’s the Fire King Deck for territories speaking Chinese. (Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan among other places)
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[BOSH] Did You Guess the Card?

If you speak English (and not Japanese), probably not.

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[BOSH] Guess the New Card

No seriously, Konami wants you to guess the new card.

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