World Superstars Box Art

And two more cards are revealed to be in the set:

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[OCG] [Philippines] January Monthly Open Tournament (January 24)

Hopefully these Monthly events would be a regular thing again.

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[Zexal] Zexal Vocal Best

It’s time for the Zexal Opening and Ending collection to be released.

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More Cospa Straps and Keychains

This time for those of you who aren’t singing the praises of the good guys (or prefer rivals)

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[Arc-V] German Dub News

For any readers in Germany:

The German dub will be based on the Japanese footage and music, not editted dub footage.


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YCS Prague

It’s time for an upcoming YCS in the lovely Czech Republic

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[OCG] Twitter CROS News

Straight from the official Konami Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Twitter

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[Arc-V] Episode 41 Summary

Episode 41: The Land of Ambitions – Duel Academia
1st February 2015
At the Maiami Championship, 16 duelists including Yuya, Yuzu and others have passed the second round. On the other hand, Reiji faces against Serena who resembles Yuzu. The aims and desires of the two that transcend dimensions are becoming clearer and clearer. Read more ›

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