Demystifying Rulings, Part 9: The Damage Step

The Damage Step is an incredibly mysterious and complicated area of rulings. In this article, we develop some intuition for its structure.

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[TCG] Legacy of the Duelist

Officially releases tomorrow for the X-Box One and PS4 for digital download.

Costs $19.99


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[TCG] Various CORE Pics

Various stuff, like bigger art of Kozmotown.

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[OCG] 07/30/15 Rulings

Tailor of the Fickle is a popular card lately.

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Current Crunchyroll Subs Release Schedule

So at the current rate, DM will be completely subbed in 3.75 Years!

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[EP15] U.A. Mighty Slugger

Hold your shock and awe.

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[TCG] CORE-EN Name Checklist

No we don’t know what “Covenants” are called, still.

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[Japan] YGO Protag Chibi Item

More YGO Anniversary Swag

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