YGOrganization Box Tournament Pairings

Today at 5 PM EDT is our first Box tournament. This post will be updated throughout the day with pairings posted and general info regarding the event. This is a single Elimination event. 10 minutes late is a game loss. 20 minutes late is a match loss. This will be four rounds.

Please only comment below with Round Results using the following format:
RoundNumber – TableNumber – WW, LL, WLW, etc. – ImgurResults
All disconnects, time wins, and tardies must be recorded and reported as such.
Example: R1 – T16 – LWW – http://i.imgur.com/result.png

Round 1 Pairings
This round ends at 5:40 PM EDT. Penalties for being late begin to apply at 5:10. Right click and open the below image in a new tab if it is too difficult to read on your browser.

Round 2 Pairings – Top 8

This round starts at 6:05. It ends at 6:45. Time penalties start at 6:15

Top 4

This round starts at 7:00. It ends at 7:40. Penalties for tardiness start at 7:10.

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