YGOrg Box Tournament #1 Results – Aug. 26, 2013

The Organization, as always, stands tall with the task of bringing you what you want to see.

Tonight, players wanted to fight.
Tonight, the Organization held its first Box Tournament.
Tonight, the tournament’s style was what we call “The Fast Four-Round Fight.”

And tonight, one player prevailed.

Congratulations to Eaton Guo, who has prevailed as the first of many winners to come.

His prize tonight is a Booster Box of Judgment of the Light. Read on to see what our Tonight’s Top Four brought to the Fight.

1st: E. Guo – “Evil Beetle”

2nd: Lukas Randi – “Dragon Pile of Cards, 2nd Draft”

Nuclear Nightmare – “Machina Geargia”
Chris Maverick – “Less Interesting Dragon Rulers”

Even as the future format asserts itself in our tournaments, the Dragon Rulers don’t want to give up their Rule of the Roost so quietly.

So, how about you try your luck, and sign up for our next Fast Four-Round Fight? Mr. Guo heard the call, took the challenge, and won the prize. You can too.

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