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[MERCHANDISE] Mark of the Dragon temporary tattoos

A late addition to the merchandise celebrating the 15th anniversary of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s. Sizes annoyingly unclear.

Six temporary tattoos of the six Marks of the Dragon have been added to the Kaiba Corporation Store. Each costs ¥880/$6.46 USD.

The sizes are unclear. Kaiba Corporation Store claims these are in cm, but also claims these are meant to be applied to the arm. Only one of these can be true.

  • Yusei Fudo (Dragon Head) W50×H104
  • Akiza Izinski/Aki Izayoi (Dragon Claw) W35×H112
  • Jack Atlas (Dragon Wings) W73×H105
  • Leo/Rua (Dragon Heart) W65×H78
  • Crow Hogan (Dragon Tail) W74×H85
  • Luna/Ruka (Dragon Foot) W70×H70



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