YCS Toronto “Coverage”

Dan here. Three of us playing, one judging. Not much to cover.

So one of my entourage sold a tour guide and got kicked out of the event. Round one soon!

More coverage can be found at Facebook.com/ygorganization

Round 1
Dan beat nekroz 2-0
Laurie lost 1-2 to ba
Rob lost 1-2 to shaddoll
Brad 2-1 vs nekroz
Todd 2-1 vs nekroz
Ethan 2-0 vs constellar
Luke 1-1 vs shaddoll

Round 2
Dan won 2-0 vs dolls
Laurie won 2-0 vs infernoid
Todd won 2-1 vs tellarknight
Luke won 2-0 vs dolls
Brad tie 1-1 vs Santa dolls
Rob 2-0 vs quasar control
Ethan 2-0 vs frogs

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