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[LVP3] Artifact Dagda

And a general purpose Link for Artifacts appears!

Artifact Dagda
Link 2 LIGHT Fairy Effect Monster
ATK 1500
Link Arrows: Bottom-Left, Bottom-Right
Link Materials: 2 monsters with different names
You can use each effect among the (1)st and (2)nd effects with this card’s name only once per turn.
(1) When another card, or another card’s effect, is activated on the field (Quick Effect): You can Set 1 “Artifact” monster directly from your hand or Deck in your Spell & Trap Zone as a Spell Card, but destroy it during your opponent’s next End Phase.
(2) If this Link Summoned card is destroyed during your opponent’s turn: You can Special Summon 1 “Artifact” monster from your GY in Defense Position.


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