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[RDS] Story 4: “Area 33”

Source? Hah! It was revealed to me in a dream!


Let’s Sneak Into The Secret Facility Where Unknown Spacecraft Are Being Constructed!!

In this world, there are facilities whose very existence have been erased from every map. Following top-secret information, the writer of this magazine stepped foot into this facility and discovered shocking facts! The place is an eye opening revelation!

Making Contact With A Mechanic Working At “Area 33″…!!

Alien 33

This is the individual who provided us with information. They appear to be working at this mysterious facility in order to fulfill a certain plan.

This Is “Area 33” On Full Display

Turtle-Type Boosters


An accelerator equipped with a huge engine. There are rumors that boxes of supplies required for the plan include components for massive propulsion.

Buildings That Resemble Control Towers

The location is named “Area 33” because of the shape of these buildings.

Spacecraft Constructed At The Facility

Rocketortoise Modularchelon

An extremely large aircraft. It is said to be capable of carrying supplies and ammunition, flying through the depths of space, and dropping bombs.

The Individual Apparently Associated With The Facility

While we were infiltrating the facility, we were confronted with a sight that we could not believe with our very eyes!! To our surprise, “St. Germain”, who is believed to be a key figure in the “Plan of Utter Madness” that this magazine has been tricking for many years, has made contact with our informant!! The plan’s objective… … Will be laid clear in future interviews!!

Alien Count of the White Dwarf, St. Germain

Third Coming of the Reptilian Count

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  • May 17, 2023 at 3:27 pm

    Did they just make an Archtype for UFO Turtle?!


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