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[VRAINS] Episode 45 Summary

In which Revolver does a legal move that somehow surpasses human understanding.

Episode 45: 極限領域のデュエル – Kyokugen Ryōiki no Dyueru
(An Extreme Duel)

Revolver continues to assault Playmaker with his fierce attacks. Playmaker tries to mount a counterattack using multiple Code Talker monsters. However, Revolver uses his ace monster, Borreload Dragon, to counter that. Revolver then sets up the ultimate battle formation that transcends human understanding, and drives Playmaker into the abyss of despair.

Fujiki Yusaku/Playmaker: Ishige Shoya
Ai: Sakurai Takahiro
Kusanagi Shoichi: Kimura Subaru
Shima Naoki: Sawashiro Chiharu
Kogami Ryoken/Revolver: Takeuchi Shunsuke
Frog/Pigeon: Seki Tomokazu

Script: 吉田伸, 立原正輝 || Yoshida Shin, Tachihara Masaki
Storyboard: 町谷俊輔 || Machitani Shunsuke
Direction: 布施康之 || Fuse Yasuyuki
Animation Director(s): Lee Sung-jin, Kang Hyeon-guk, Seo Soon-young


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