[VRAINS] Episode 16 Summary

The foreshadowing of Dueling AI and the Data Bank from Episode 14 comes around in this upcoming episode. Also Yusaku does some actual hacking.

Episode 16: 潜入SOL電脳要塞 – Sennyū Soru Dennō Yōsai (Infiltration! SOL’s Digital Fortress)
In order to search for the truth about the incident ten years ago, Playmaker hacks into SOL’s mother computer, and heads for the data bank that lies deep within its system. However, standing in his way is a Dueling AI program! Can Playmaker get past this new threat and seize the truth?!

Fujiki Yusaku/Playmaker: Ishige Shoya
Ai: Sakurai Takahiro
Kusanagi Shoichi: Kimura Subaru
Shima Naoki: Sawashiro Chiharu
Zaizen Aoi/Blue Angel: Nakashima Yuki
Bessho Emma/Ghost Girl: Kamakura Yuna
Zaizen Akira: Yamamoto Shoma
Kitamura: Kato Masayuki
Prototype AI Duelist: Sakamaki Manabu
Kuriball: Kanada Aki

Script: 前川 淳 || Maekawa Atsushi
Storyboard: 須永 司 || Sunaga Tsukasa
Direction: 三家本泰美 || Mikamoto Yasumi
Animation Director(s): 佐藤瑞樹, 長谷川一生 || Satou Mizuki , Hasegawa Issei


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