[VRAINS] Episode 8 Summary

A simple attempt to take revenge gets complicated, quickly.

Episode 8: 風を操りし者 – Kaze o Ayatsurishi Mono (Controller of the Wind)
Due to Hanoi’s program, Zaizen Aoi is now in a comatose state. Feeling responsible for dragging her into his battle against Hanoi, Yusaku tries to investigate the cause of this together with Kusanagi. However, Blue Angel, who is supposed to be in a coma, then appears on the city’s monitors, and challenges Playmaker to a rematch!

Fujiki Yusaku/Playmaker: Ishige Shoya
Ai: Sakurai Takahiro
Kusanagi Shoichi: Kimura Subaru
Shima Naoki: Sawashiro Chiharu
Bessho Emma/Ghost Girl: Kamakura Yuna
Zaizen Akira: Yamamoto Shoma
Revolver: Takeuchi Shunsuke
Dr. Kogami: Sugo Takayuki
Blue Angel: Nakashima Yuki
Rook: Makishima Koichi
Knight: Yano Masaaki
Bishop: IKKAN
Frog/Pigeon/Eagle: Seki Tomokazu

Script: 吉田伸 || Yoshida Shin
Storyboard: 山本隆太 || Yamamoto Ryuta
Direction: 布施康之 || Fuse Yasuyuki
Animation Director(s): Lee Sung-jin, Kang Hyeon-guk



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