[VBEX3] Number 4: Labrynth

Behind the scenes of the Lifestyles of the Rich & Deadliest



An eldritch yet beautiful silver demonic palace. Awaiting the knight are countless death traps and cold-blooded demons and servants. And the lovely lady of the lair. It’s an impregnable castle that repels all who enter, but behind the scenes… …?

The Enormous Silver Castle.
According to legend and rumor, this castle is cursed, and the curse of the labyrinth will never be broken unless the true treasure lying deep within the castle is brought back,
But according to others, the master of the castle is an immensely gorgeous princess, who is delicate as a white thread, and ephemeral as the moon.
Tonight, a knight steps foot into this castle swarming with rumors… …

Lovely Labrynth of the Silver Castle

Labrynth Set-Up

Several Hours Later…

Ariane the Labrynth Servant

Arianna the Labrynth Servant

Welcome Labrynth

Labrynth Chandraglier

Labrynth Cooclock

Labrynth Stovie Torbie
Several Hours Later…

Farewelcome Labrynth
Enjoy yourself to your heart’s content…

Labyrnth Barrage
Enjoy yourse–…Uhm, my dear knight?

End of Page 1

Archfiend’s Ghastly Glitch

Several Hours Later…





Lady Labrynth of the Silver Castle

Big Welcome Labrynth

Secret Image

Lovely Labrynth of the Silver Castle

Org note: We have previously translated Lovely Labrynth’s reference art.
Labrynth Servants Arianna & Ariane

Left: [Somewhat unreadable, but it’s very likely a note on the fabric being semi-translucent]
Right: “Spins”

End of Chapter.

Translation Notes:
(1) Ariadne is the name of the daughter of King Minos of Crete who helped Theseus escape the Minotaur’s labyrinth.
(2) The sisters refer themselves as “Aria-tachi”, which could be translated as “the Arias”, but they are speaking from a first-person perspective, not to mention their names being almost identical, so this would be very confusing if it was translated directly instead of a more coherent “us”.

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