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Reference Art for “Labrynth of the Silver Palace”

She probably just wants to go to a book club with Knight-chan, that’s all.


The patterned parts of her wings are opaque or at least more solid looking, while the the rest of her wings are transparent or at least see-through.

She’s sorta Bunny Girl-ish (i.e. She’s got a Casino Game Table Dealer thing going on)

When the Knight comes, she acts like a smug rich girl with an ”ohohoho’ laugh like you’ve seen in countless anime and manga.

She’s completely dejected and tends to sigh when Ms. Knight doesn’t come.

(Editorial Note: Possibly implying she’s like this when she fails to show up or maybe when someone else challenges her dungeon instead, but the sentence fragment is super vague).

She has bags under her eyes from spending all night designing and setting up new Traps.

Her tail might be a fake decorative tail.

Her ladyship off hours, wearing a sweater, building a card pyramid.

The Coat of Arms for the Silver Palace, and its usage on a flag.



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