[VBEX3] Number 3: A Game of Vaylantz Wars

Paint your minis already.



Place your exquisitely detailed units on the field and experience the ultimate battle of wits against your opponent in this hyper-realistic digital board wargame: “Vaylantz Wars”. In this article, we will look at the basic strategy for the 2 clans of the first set.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Maximum Realism!!
Experience a military campaign with this digital board game!!

Vaylantz World – Konig Wissen
A Cyber-Nation armed with hyper-technology!
A world where technology has developed far beyond our reality: “Konig Wissen”, a strictly regulated nation where the lives of its people are monitored by high-spec A.I.. Following the established lore, where the nation spends most of its resources in its military budget, the units affiliated to this clan are armed with near-futuristic weapons, and their main characteristic is that even single units can output massive firepower. The opening strategy is to gain control of the board early with the low-cost “Baron”, and at the critical timing, send in “Viscount” to gain control of even more territory. By keeping “Duke” in the rear, you can eventually rank it up into “Grand Duke” and quickly reverse the state of the front lines. Exterminate your enemies with your overwhelming attack power.

Unique Strategy
High Attack Power with the Most Modern Weapons

Vaylantz Dominator Duke
Fulfill the requirements and class-up!

Vaylantz Genesis Grand Duke (Featured Unit!)
Can be placed on the field by ranking up a “Duke” that has acquired enough points by destroying units and protecting territory. Use “Marquess” to mob and defeat enemies to fulfill these requirements faster.

Vaylantz Buster Baron

Vaylantz Voltage Viscount

Vaylantz Mad Marquess

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TL note: The mix-up between “rank up” and “class up” while evolving Duke is exactly as written in the source.

Vaylantz World – Shinra Bansho
Master magic-boosted weapons!
“Shinra Bansho”, a stage set in a Far Eastern-themed world filled with mysterious powers. Unlike “Konig Wissen”, the clans living there are free-spirited, and their units possess unique abilities. Overall, their firepower is weaker than “Konig Wissen”‘s, but interfering with the advancement of their units and using the effects of their magical weapons to create breakthrough points that reverse the power imbalance during battle is where “Shinra Bansho” actually shines. Furthermore, since each of them have their own unique powers, they can create combos that cover for each other’s weaknesses, and can perform group attacks that more than double their output. How fast you can get the currently strongest unit, “Mamonaka”, on the field is going to be the main factor for obtaining victory.

Unique Strategy
Fight by adapting to every situation with the power of magic

Hojo the Vaylantz Warrior (Featured Unit!) & Shinonome the Vaylantz Priestess & Saion the Vaylantz Archer

Mamonaka the Vaylantz United
Although 3 units are required as a cost, it boasts overwhelming stats, and its ability can remove units from the battlefield.

Make a fool of your opponent with its shape-shifting ninjutsu!
Nazuki the Vaylantz Ninja

Being able to change the positions of units with the power of ninjutsu lets you disturb your opponent’s formation and create new openings. This ability can also be used even on your own units.

It’s finally here! The 3rd faction is scheduled to arrive in the next few days!!

Arktos XII – Chronochasm Vaylantz
In the first expansion set of “Vaylantz War”, the 3rd faction is already making its appearance! In this issue, we’re revealing what the boss of that clan looks like. This new clan that can manipulate time and vectors is set to debut with 12 units. Further details will be revealed exclusively in this magazine!

Amazing cutscenes! The integration of cutting-edge technologies in this game
By reading the data in the specialized cases, the unit is projected in the monitor, and you can enjoy various cutscenes depending on the “glow” and “sound” gimmicks. It’s also possible to customize them to your liking!

Vaylantz Wakening – Solo Activation

Secret Image

Top: “They are figures after all”
Bottom: “Connected to the base”
Pink bubble: (makes) “sound(s)!”

“Unpainted figures also available”
Teal bubble: “Glows!”

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