[VBEX3] Number 12: Other Cards

Gods, dragons, demons, maids, v-tubers, sushi?


Other Cards

The Administrator’s True Face
“Precious Park”, a paradise of hopes and dreams. It is said that its administrator, Arlekino, has a hidden face while offstage. One that, after the visitors take a glimpse at, they become unable to leave the facilities out of terror.

Amazement Administrator Arlekino

Amazement Abomination Arlekino

A Live Stream by the “Live Twins”!

Lil-la-Rap / Live☆Twin feat. Magicaluna
Streaming a rap challenge! Make sure to subscribe!  


The Secret of the Popular Menu
Word of Mouth
There’s a “Shari” built with the red vinegar made at EDO-FRONT. The addition of the red vinegar model began after the introduction of “Gunkan Suship Uni”. The railway crossing that extends into the port has taken the nickname of “The Forbidden Railway Crossing” and its formations include many rare cars, which resulted in its popularity extending to even among railway enthusiasts as a photographic location.

Gunkan Suship Catch-of-the-Day

Sour Scheduling – Red Vinegar Vamoose

Gunkan Suship Shari Red

End of Page 1

TL note:
For Lil-la-Rap, the chat is filled with short-hand internet slang, so the localizations are complicated. The general feeling is that the chat is not enjoying the rap too much (except the highlighted comments who seem to be paying fans). The song lyrics do cut off by the end. Finally, the comment about the “☆s” is not very clear, but it probably refers to some metric (likes, shares, etc.) being too low, and encouraging others to boost it. However, it could also mean something about the performance being too low/weak.
For “The Forbidden Railway Crossing”, “Forbidden” (開かずの, akazu no) is a homophone with the the phrase “(of) red vinegar” (赤須の, also akazu no).

The Dragonmaid’s New Cake Design

Kitchen Dragonmaid

Parlor Dragonmaid
“Kitchen”, looking for a cake befitting of the luxurious “Sweet Room”, brainstorms ideas with “Parlor”, the chronic snacking enthusiast. The symbol of the mansion, as well as depictions of their colleagues are incorporated in those pictures.

Sweet Room-Maid

Osbtructing the “Dragonmaid”…?
While “Kitchen” and “Parlor” rack their brains for ideas, “Chamber” is holding “House” back from leaving this room, almost as if wanting to prevent her from visiting the “Sweet Room”, by tidying up her wings. It seems a surprise, or something similar, is being prepared for the ever-reliable head maid.

House Dragonmaid

The Moonlight Arrowhead Vanquishes the Divine Enemies
As the forces of the mighty invaders invading the holy precincts​ of the moonlight grow larger, the guardian girl continues her fight. During that fight, the girl manages to release the true power of her divine bow, and the radiant “Ultimate Slayer” takes flight at divine speed. The enemies of the goddess shall be destroyed.

Ultimate Slayer
The Avatar Wielding the Flamesword
There is an avatar that smites evil as the embodiment of punishment itself, and has command over the scorching skies. With a swing of the Flamesword of Prajna, the filth of this world shall return to ash. O sinners, may you be scorched by the fury of the Dragon King.

Kurikara Divincarnate
Behind the figure of a cute girl, a noble dragon god surrounded by an inferno is swirling around.

End of Chapter

TL notes:
1) For “Ultimate Slayer”, the JP name of the card is written as “Arrowhead of the Moon Goddess”. This is the arrowhead mentioned in the title. The “Ultimate Slayer” that takes flight is also this arrowhead, but this time it does include the forced reading of the JP name, which is a portmanteau of “Artemis” (the moon goddess) + “Ultimate”.
2) “Avatar” for Kurikara is one of our early names for 天童 (tendou), which is when a deity takes form as a child in the human world. There are some disputes with the term “incarnation”, which would have been easier to use.
3) “Prajna” (or Prajñā) is a Buddhist term that can mean “wisdom, insight”.

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