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The Yugioh Card Database – Why you should use it more

The Card Database is widely known; in-fact, we even link to it on the side bar. However, it does so much more than most of you seem to realize..

This is the Official Konami Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Database. It contains the most up-to-date texts of every single card ever released in the TCG. It even has English PSCT of cards that were only PSCT’d in other TCG languages!

This is the Card Database when you haven’t logged in.

Pretty simple. It’s a clean and organized filter machine that helps you narrow down the search for what you are looking for. You can search by name, or by Text. You can also check out the current Forbidden & Limited list, as well as card set lists without even logging in!

But the real beauty comes from logging in!

This is the Database once logged in. From here you can see four new features, unfortunately though the Poll one hasn’t been used yet. The Blog section also contains tips on Database use primarily.

It’s the other two features that really come in handy. The first i’m going to talk about is the “My Card List” Feature.

When logged in, by visiting any cards page you can notice some additional features on the right. The ability to add the card to a deck of yours (main or side) directly, or to add it to a haves or wants list. This is what we’re discussing presently. I’ve gone ahead and added Timaeus.

As you can see, you can maintain a list of cards you have, and want. You can even link other people to these lists so they can browse what you have, as well as see if they own anything you’re looking for! This link never changes, it’s associated to you, so you can update your wants list accordingly and your friends can just check it. You can also check other friends’ lists without telling them if you’re looking to plan a nice Birthday Present!

All of that aside, the most useful feature, the one more people certainly should be using, is the last one.

“My Deck”

From here you can build and store up to ten decks. These decks can also be linked to other people to view, or you can set them to private if you don’t want other people to see what you’ve put together. You will also notice the red box at the top telling me what changes I need to make for the deck to be Tournament Legal!

The Deck can be viewed as either a list, or a Gallery (as shown in the picture). Most importantly though,

You can print a PDF of your decklist off from here.

As you can see, with one easy click, it automatically, and instantly, generated my entire deck in a printable perfectly legible fashion. Perfect for the YCS coming up in Philadelphia on the 16th! However, if I did enter with this deck I’m sure I’d incur quite a few penalties. Thankfully the My Deck feature is sure to tell you which cards you’d have to change to fix that! Each of these images has been cropped to show the most relevant sections.

I do hope more of you will be using this tool, as both a judge and a player. If more people use these resources, it justifies the existence of more resources like them. It also helps make sure you won’t get any penalties during a Deck Check, as well as improving the speed and smoothness of the events you enter.

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