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[OCG] Booster Special: Tribe Force

Another Booster Special has been announced!

Booster Special: Tribe Force
Release October 11th, 2014
143 Yen per Pack

This pack’ll let you make a bunch of Deck Themes!┬áIt’s the latest type of Pack, which specializes in building specific decks!
5 Cards per Pack; 20 Packs per Box

60 Different Cards
3 Secret Rares
15 Super Rares
42 Commons
All Commons also come in Parallel Common.

The included themes are 3 new themes: Pendulum, Ritual and Fusion based, and Synchros for an existing Deck Type.

Since it includes cards for the above themes, you can make multiple Decks based on the themes from this Pack.

General Purpose Spells and Traps for building these Theme Decks are also included!

Along with new cards, there will also be cards reprinted that were cards that were previously very difficult to get by any means.



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