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Trials of the Pharaoh – Trials of the Kingdom

For thirsty Speed Duel fans.

Put your skills to the test to become a Master Duelist with Trials of the Pharaoh! Duelists who attend their local OTS that wish to take part will need to complete Challenge Sheets across 3 Trial Difficulties, and win various prizes including Monster Stickers, Exclusive Trials of the Pharaoh Plastic Cup and the Promotional Super Rare Speed Duel Card – Floodgate Trap Hole.(*while stocks last.)

These events will run on a weekly basis in any Speed Duel format decided by your OTS, and will last for three months. For more information, please check the FAQ.

The trials are:
Tier 1
– Summon ‘Crazy Fish’ 5 times
– Destroy 10 monsters with ‘Sasuke Samurai’
– Summon ‘Skull Knight’ 3 times
– Activate ‘Share the Pain’ 5 times
– Activate ‘Time Machine’ 5 times

– Summon ‘Kairyu-Shin’ 5 times
– Shuffle your deck 3 times using the effect of ‘Tainted Wisdom’
– Summon ‘Black Ptera’ 3 times
– Activate ‘Iron Draw’ 3 times
– Activate ‘Tutan Mask’ 5 times

– Summon ‘Giant Mech-Soldier’ 3 times
– Activate the effect of ‘Blood Sucker’ 10 times
– Activate ‘Tail Swipe’ 3 times
– Activate the effect of ‘Shore Knight’ 3 times
– Activate ‘Assault on GHQ’ 3 times

Tier 2
– Gain a total of 10,000LP using the effect of ‘Golden Ladybug’
– Prevent 2,000 battle damage using ‘Bashing Shield’
– Destroy your’Double Cyclone’ with another ‘Double Cyclone’ of yours
– Activate ‘Floodgate Trap Hole’ 5 times
– Win a Duel after you activate ‘Waking the Dragon’

– Special Summon 20 Dinosaur Monsters (This includes Tokens)
– Activate ‘Surface’ 3 times in 1 Duel
– Special Summon ‘Despair from the Dark’ and Destroy an opponent’s Monster with it.
– Activate the effect of ‘Maryokutai’ 3 times
– Win a Duel attacking with ‘Metal Armored Bug’

– Summon ‘Sasuke Samurai’ with the effect of ‘Time Machine’
– Activate the effect of ‘Cyber Raider’ 5 times
– Activate the effect of ‘Helping Robo for Combat’ 3 times
– Activate the effect of ‘Golden Ladybug’ 3 times in a single turn
– Activate ‘Terror from the Deep!’ Skill card

Tier 3
– Activate ‘Zombie Master’ skill card then use the targetted monsters gained effect 2 times in 1 Duel
– Activate both effects of ‘Haunted Shrine’ in 5 different Duels (both in each Duel)
– Win a Duel after activating ‘Flint’ during your first turn and controlling it for each of your turns during the Duel
– Special Summon ‘Metal Armored Bug’ using the effect of ‘Parasite Paranoid’ and win the Duel
– Win 3 Duels after Summoning both ‘Super War-Lion’ and ‘Magician of Black Chaos’

– Activate ‘Switcheroo’ Skill 20 times
– Destroy 10 Monsters by battle using ‘Sasuke Samurai’ (Without using its effect)
– Summon ‘Black Ptera’ after using its effect
– Activate the effect of ‘Black Ptera’ after tributing it with ‘Share the Pain’
– Destroy 3 ‘Spinos Token’ in battle using ‘Jurrac Spinos’

– Activate ‘Cocoon of Ultra Evolution’ Skill card by tributing your opponents monster
– Win a Duel after Ritual Summoning a ‘Fortress Whale’ that was added to your hand using the effect of ‘The Legendary Fisherman II’
– Gain 2000ATK using the effect of ‘Energy Drain’ in a single Duel
– Banish 5 cards from your opponent’s GY using the effect of ‘Sealing Ceremony of Suiton’
– Win 3 Duels by your opponent being unable to draw after activating the effect of “Don Zaloog” (Effect: Send the top 2 cards of their Deck to the Graveyard)

Source. (Note that this is for EU/Oceania stores and doesn’t immediatly confirm the same event for stores in the Americas).