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Tournaments to start back up – Our new System

Tournaments are back, with a new system. We hope this one will be a lot better.

Announcing the tournament format for all YGOrg events in the future. These tournaments will all follow this same format, and if we have to make any changes, you’ll find them on this page. Our last few tournaments were a great success, but people have had issues with the overall payout. “You guys take in 160 and only give out a box.” Unfortunately, boxes where I live cost $110, and shipping is a nightmare, but hopefully, this new system will work a lot better.

The first thing I’d like to cover is just that: The event value.
Before, we would ask $10 in entry fee. This has been cut in half, it is now $5. This is only because product isn’t free.
Secondly, the pay-out ratio. This has been raised to 100%. All money taken in will be given out.
Lastly, we used to only allow 16 man flights. This has been raised to Unlimited.
We cannot legally give cash prizes ever; I’m sorry. What we will do is have a chosen store, and the winning players will receive store credit to that store. Our default store is CoolstuffInc, as they carry every single card, even Astral Pack and Duel Terminal cards, to give you the greatest variety of choice. The store may change in the future, depending on if other stores approach me with interest in this endeavor.

As before, the judges of the event will be Dueling Network Senior Administrators, with priority given to your matches.
Formats for the tournament will typically be TCG advanced matches with siding, but we hope to have a variety of other formats, including legalizing OCG cards (and future sets), or running an event in a past format (teledad, chaos return, goats). These will be determined by player interest. We’re hopefully going to hold an event every single day, but to start off, we will be doing these once a week, on Sundays.

So if 50 people enter, and $250 is taken in, then $250 is being given out in the form of cards bought online. You do not have to spend this credit immediately. Every players balance will be kept in our records. We can also offer T-shirts if anyone is interested in these, down the road.

5th-8th all receive their $5 back, no matter how much is taken in. The total, subtract the $20, is the remaining pool for the top 4. 1st receives 50% of it, 2nd receives 25% of it, and 3rd/4th play for 15% and 10%.

Example figures:
40 people enter, so 200$ is taken in
20 is subtracted, for 5th through 8th.
of the remaining 180, 1st place receives 50%, or $90.
2nd place receives 25%, or $45.
3rd and 4th play off to receive 15% and 10%, or $27 and $18 respectively.

I’m also introducing a points system. Each time a player goes undefeated in swiss, (s)he receives 1 point. Anytime a player makes top 8, they receive 1 point. Every time a player makes it to the top 4 they receive 2 points. Every time somebody wins an event, they receive 3 points. All earned points throughout an event stack. Points work as a ranking ladder, which we will also keep on the site, to showcase that you’re the best of the best. After enough landmarks are hit with points you can even receive additional prizes to be revealed later. These can range anywhere from free entry to a tournament (or even all tournaments), to t-shirts, travel assistance, or free cards.

Love it? Hate it? Anything we should change?
Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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