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[Rush Duel / Deck Recipe] Beast-Warrior Deck

Conquer the world that will be born at the end of the century.

Beast-Warrior Deck

POINT: A Beast-Warrior Deck who specializes in exciting plays!

If your opponent has their ace or 3 monsters out, you can Special Summon monsters up to Level 7 from your hand.

Fight with “Devil King” in Defense Position and “Ligeon” in Attack Position!

2 Beast Gear World Conqueror King Convoy Ligeon
3 Savage Claw Tiger
3 Beast Gear World King Catapult Devil Kong
1 Summoned Skull
1 Sentry Boat Eldain
3 Beast Summoner
3 Hitotsu-Me Giant
3 Beast Gear World Moto Wolf
3 Beast Gear World Buggy Dog
2 Beast Gear World Gyro Jackal
3 Beast Gear World Trike Fox
3 Kuribott

3 Block Attack
2 Post-Apocalyptic Beast Gear World
2 Hammer Crush

1 Spirit Shackles
2 Echoing Whispers


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