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[TK04] The new character tokens

This time a little closer to release date.

Like the previous batch of Tokens in TK03, the TK04 tokens have been distributed featuring new characters and quotes, and once again it’s hard to find them because so far they have been distributed in limited batches so one has to find them through various different sources. Like before, the name of all these cards is just “Token” and the text at the top part of the description box is the usual “This card can be used as a Token”.

Yami Yugi & Kaiba Token (TK04-JP001)

Yami Yugi & Kaiba: “This is a duel of fate that has transcended thousands of years!!”
(During the Battle City semi-finals, after both Yugi and Kaiba experience a vision of their past. It’s a mix of Yugi’s quote of “I finally understand, this fight is an inherited Duel of fate that has transcended over 3000 years!” and Kaiba’s “a Duel of fate…that has transcended time!”)

Yugi Mutou Token (TK04-JP002)

Yugi Mutou: “For Duelists that have resolved to fight, there is nothing but silence…”
(Before the last Duel between Yugi and Yami Yugi, they decide to build their Decks separately, and Yugi realizes Yami Yugi is drifting away as a separate entity from him. As Yugi yields control of his body to Yami Yugi for him to build his own Deck, he regrets that this is the time when he would like to talk to Yami Yugi the most, but as a Duelist before this major test, there is no more room to exchange words with his opponent. As a note, the non-LV versions of Silent Magician and Silent Swordsman use the same word used here, 沈黙/silence)

Katsuya Jounouchi/Joey Wheeler Token (TK04-JP003)

Jounouchi/Joey: “This guy will end you! Get ready!”
(During the Battle City semi-finals, after tributing Lava Golem for Gilford the Lightning)

Ryouta Kajiki/Mako Tsunami token (TK04-JP004)

Ryouta/Mako: “‘I’ll bring down my opponents with this card’…or so I had resolved…”
(During his duel with Joey in Battle City. At the climax of the Duel, he uses Return of the Doomed to revive a monster that has been destroyed in battle this turn. If he had revived Fortress Whale, Joey would be in trouble, but he decides to revive the lower ATK The Legendary Fisherman instead, effectively conceding the Duel. In the manga, Joey is frustrated about him throwing the Duel, so Mako begins explaining the significance of this card for him and the relationship with his father with this quote. In the anime, this series of events plays slightly differently and this quote seems to be missing. As a note, “opponents” is written as “獲物/preys” in the manga and this card)

Rishido/Odion Token (TK04-JP005)

Rishido/Odion: “Have the resolve to fall to the very depths of hell.”
(During his Duel with Joey, after Joey gets arrogant about understanding the main weakness of Odion’s Deck: his lack of monsters. Odion responds by activating three copies of Embodiment of Apophis. Throughout the Duel, Odion’s strategy is referred to as “the Trap Hell”, and the full quote is Odion telling Joey that is no more than a pitiful rat that has already stepped into hell, so he might as well have the resolve to fall to its very depths)

Ishizu Token (TK04-JP006)

Ishizu: “I have already seen this vision”
(To herself, during her Duel versus Kaiba, as she correctly predicts that Kaiba will start by Summoning Vorse Raider and setting a card)

Supreme King Juudai/Jaden Token(TK04-JP007)

Supreme King: “My name is Supreme King, the one that will rule over this world”
(First uttered by the Supreme King when he meets Jaden for the first time)

Johan/Jesse Anderson Token (TK04-JP008)

Johan/Jesse: “This is Ruby the Carbuncle, a legendary creature!”
(To Jaden, when they first meet and talk about their companion spirits)

Hell Kaiser/Dark Zane Token (TK04-JP009)

Hell Kaiser/Zane: “I’ll be testing the proficiency of the reverse Cyber Style Deck with you!”
(To Fubuki Tenjoin/Atticus Rhodes, as Fubuki/Atticus pressures him to carry out a Duel using ‘Decks of darkness’. This is the first Duel in which Cyberdark Dragon is Summoned)

Daichi/Bastion Misawa Token (TK04-JP010)

Misawa: “These are the tactics that I thoroughly came up with to fight against you! There are no mistakes in my calculations!!”
(To Jaden in their first Duel, after Summoning Water Dragon and sealing Jaden’s Polymerization with Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell for the reminder of the Duel, explaining that he has analyzed Jaden’s main strategy)

Vellian Crowler/Chronos de Medici Token (TK04-JP011)

Vellian/Chronos: “Heh, I’ll make sure to show you very clearly the massive gap between a top tier instructor and a dropout”
(To Jaden in their last Duel, after drawing into Ancient Gear Golem and before playing a combo of Crazy Summon Gear and Spell Gear to Summon 3 copies of Ancient Gear Golem)

Yusei Fudou Token (TK04-JP012)

Yusei Fudo: “The stars come together to call forth a new power! Become the path that lights the way! Synchro Summon! Come, Junk Warrior!”
(The summon chant for Junk Warrior)

Kalin Kessler/Kyosuke Kiryu Token (TK04-JP013)

Kalin/Kyosuke: “The dead and the living…The moment they meet at zero, the demonic dragon will be released from the cage of eternity! Synchro Summon! Come forth, Infernity Doom Dragon!”
(The summon chant for Infernity Doom Dragon)

Carly Carmine/Nagisa Token (TK04-JP014)

Carly: “Drawing this card means your fortune today is…? ”
(This is a common line among the Fortune Fairy cards in the anime, which Carly uses for fortune telling)

Antinomy Token (TK04-JP015)

Antinomy: “Limiter Removal, Level Ten! Main Bus Booster Control! All Clear! Infinite power, here be released, and pierce through to beyond the dimension! Go! Accel Synchro! Come On! T.G. Blade Blaster!”
(Summon chant for T.G. Blade Blaster)

Yuma Tsukumo Token (TK04-JP016)

Yuma: “Our hearts have already decided! We challenge you to a Duel in which everyone’s future is at stake!”
(To Dr. Faker, as Yuma, Shark and Kite challenge him to a Duel)

Kite/Kaito Tenjo Token (TK04-JP017)

Kite/Kaito: “I’ll protect Hart! I’ll show you I’ll protect him to the very end! Even if it costs me my life!!”
(To Dr. Faker during the Yuma/Shark/Kite Duel, after Dr. Faker tries to justify his actions by explaining that it is the Barians that are going to take Hart. Kite scolds Faker for not trusting in his own son to help, and Kite says that if the Barians are coming, then he will make sure to protect Hart)

Reginald Kastle/Ryoga Kamishiro Token (TK04-JP018)

Reginald/Ryoga: “Heh, lousy Dueling as usual! But good work nonetheless, now leave the rest to me!”
(To Yuma, during the Yuma/Shark/Kite vs. Dr. Faker Duel, after Yuma is surprised by the effects of Number 53: Heart-eartH by attacking into it, despite his partners pointing out it’s an obvious trap and taking damage)

Tori Meadows/Kotori Mizuki Token (TK04-JP019)

Tori/Kotori: “The Duel has just begun! Keep fighting!!!”
(I have no idea where this one is from, it’s too generic)

Quattro/IV Token (TK04-JP020)

Quattro/IV: “With my Duel I’ll deliver some passionate fanservice to your torn heart that has turned to the other side!!”
(To Nash, before their Duel begins. This is also the episode in which Nash’s identity was revealed)

Yuya Sakaki Token (TK04-JP021)

Yuya: “This is the Dueltaining inherited from Yushou Sakaki!”
(One of the many introductions of his Duel style. This one in particular is from Episode 30 against…some no-name randoms, while Gong is in the middle of the important Duel of the episode)

Sylvio/Shingo Sawatari Token (TK04-JP022)

Sylvio/Shingo: “This Super Ultra Hyper Strong Duelist, the great Sylvio Sawatari, will finish it for you!”
(Various occasions during the latter part of ARC-V)

Zuzu Boyle/Yuzu Hiiragi Token (TK04-JP023)

Zuzu/Yuzu: “I’ll show you my radiance right now!”
(During her second Duel against Julia Krystal, before performing her first Fusion Summon for Bloom Diva the Melodious Choir)

Gong Strong/Noboru Gongenzaka Token (TK04-JP024)

Gong/Noboru: “Did you see that! This is the true essence of the Heavystrong Duel!!”
(To Kit Blade, after repeatedly refusing to use Action Cards throughout the Duel, fulfilling the requirements to activate the effects of his Superheavy monsters until finally using Superheavy Samurai Soulbang Cannon’s effect to achieve a draw game)

Playmaker & Varis/Revolver Token (TK04-JP025)

Playmaker: “Varis, I won’t let you do as you please anymore!”
Varis/Revolver: “Heh, then let’s settle the score with a Duel. Come, Playmaker!”
(While the Tower of Hanoi is wrecking havoc in LINK VRAINS and all the characters are trying to stop Varis, after Varis finishes his Duel with George Gore in front of Playmaker, they have this exchange)

The remaining non-character Tokens:

Mecha Phantom Beast Token

Hippo Token

Ancient Gear Token

Gadget Token

Ice Barrier Token