[TK03] Those Tokens featuring anime characters

Totally forgot about these.

This is not really news, the pack came out on June 2021 which feels like a million years ago. It has always been hard to compile pictures of all of them, and it still is. This post is an attempt to compile them and have translations for the quotes. Of course, the name of all these cards is just “Token” and the text at the top part of the description box is the usual “This card can be used as a Token”.

Yami Yugi Token (TK03-JP001)

(In response to Yami Marik rhetorically asking Yugi if he has any means to defeat him in after sacrificing Obelisk during Battle City)
Yami Yugi: “I have friends…and in the same way, my Deck contains servants that have fought to the bitter end, in whom I can believe!”
(proceeds to play Magical Dimension to control both Dark Magician Girl and Dark Magician)

Seto Kaiba Token (TK03-JP002)

Seto Kaiba: “The Utlimate Creature of Destruction!”
(Note: This quote is a series of 3 adjectives, [Tenacious!³], [Invincible!³], [The Strongest!³], which Kaiba uses often. It was turned into an actual Trap Card, which is where this localization comes from. As a note, in the manga, these adjectives feature a “cubed” (³) exponent to express the triple power of Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, which is replicated in this card)

Anzu Masaki/Tea Gardner Token (TK03-JP003)

Anzu Masaki/Tea Gardner: “I’ll never lose to someone like you!”
(To Crump, during the Virtual World arc, as soon as the Duel begins, in which Anzu/Tea chooses Dark Magician Girl as her Deck Master)

Bandit Keith Token (TK03-JP004)

Bandit Keith: “The former American National Champion, the great Bandit Keith, will show you what hell looks like!”
(To Jounouchi/Joey, during the Duelist Kingdom semi-finals, as their Duel begins)

Pegasus Token (TK03-JP005)

Pegasus: “The dreadfulness of illusion monsters is just beginning!”
(During the Duel vs. Yugi, after using Dark-Eyes Illusionist to stop the attack of Curse of Dragon and describing how “illusion” monsters have unique abilities, then proceeding to play Black Illusion Ritual to Ritual Summon Relinquished)

Jaden/Juudai Yuki Token (TK03-JP006)

Yubel: “You’re not alone at all, I’m right by your side.”
Jaden/Juudai: “That’s right…inside of me, there’s another soul that believes in me!”
(during the Duel with Nightshroud/Darkness, after Nightshroud/Darkness taunts Jaden/Juudai as having no one to rely on. Yubel appears and encourages Jaden/Juudai, who then Special Summons Elemental HERO Neos)

Alexis Rhodes/Asuka Tenjouin Token (TK03-JP007)

Alexis/Asuka: “I’ll show you the power of the (Obelisk) Blue girls!”
(During the Genex Tournament, to Maitre’ D/Sommelier Parker, after finding the resolve not to play the card White Veil, taking over the Duel that her Obelisk Blue classmates were losing, then using a series of cards to Ritual Summon Cyber Angel Dakini)

Chazz Princeton/Jun Manjome Token (TK03-JP008)

Chazz/Jun: “1, 10, 100, 1000, Armed Dragon Thunder!”
(Armed Dragon Thunder was born out of the nickname “Manjome Thunder”, which in turn was born out of the chant from his fans shouting “1, 10, 100, 1000, man[10000]jome [-san]thunder[da]!”)

Aster/Edo Phoenix Token (TK03-JP009)

Aster/Edo: “In order to put an end to destiny, the card that became the origin of destiny is most appropriate…Come on! The ultimate D-HERO, Plasma!”
(From the Duel vs. Sartorious, slightly adapted at the end to make it closer to most of his Summons)

Syrus Truesdale/Shou Marufuji Token (TK03-JP009)

Syrus/Shou: “I don’t need you to hold back!”
(To Missy/Ran Kouchou. She taunts him as being inferior to his brother, and announces she won’t be holding back on this Duel, so she can get a chance to be promoted to a higher category, where she can meet Syrus/Shou’s brother, to which Syrus/Shou angrily responds there’s no need for her to hold back in the first place. In this Duel, Syrus/Shou refuses to use Power Bond, his brother’s key card, and uses Super Vehicroid Connection Zone instead to Summon Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill)

Yuusei Fudo Token (TK03-JP011)

Yuusei: “Clustering wishes will become a new shining star! Become the path its light shines upon! Take flight, Stardust Dragon! ”
(The Summon Chant for Stardust Dragon)

Jack Atlas Token (TK03-JP012)

Jack: “The ruler’s heartbeats will now file through here! Take witness to its creation-shaking power! My very soul, Red Dragon Archfiend!”
(The Summon Chant for Red Dragon Archfiend)

Akiza Izinski/Aki Izayoi Token (TK03-JP013)

Akiza/Aki: “Chilling flames engulf the entire world. Pitch-dark flower, set into bloom! Appear now, Black Rose Dragon!”
(The Summon Chant for Black Rose Dragon)

Crow Hogan Token (TK03-JP014)

Crow: “Darkened gales, reveal hidden wishes on your wings! Soar, Black Feather Dragon!”
(The Summon Chant for Black Feather Dragon)

Leo/Lua Token (TK03-JP015)

Leo/Lua: “The courage and power to protect the future of the planet is a Revolution! Evolve, Life Stream Dragon!”
(The Summon Chant for Life Stream dragon)

Luna/Luca Token (TK03-JP016)

Luna/Luka: “The holy light of protection, now cross and become eternal life! A regal birth, Ancient Fairy Dragon!”
(The Summon Chant for Ancient Fairy Dragon)

Zexal Token (TK03-JP017)

Zexal: “In the Duels of the strongest Duelists, nothing is a coincidence! Even the drawn cards are created by the Duelists! Shining Draw!”
(One variation of the chant before a Shining Draw)

Vector Token (TK03-JP018)

Ray/Rei (force-read as Vector): “Aren’t you going to call me “[Ray/Shingetsu]” anymore, Yuuma-Kun?”
(After the big reveal about Vector’s identity, when Yuuma gets trapped by Vector and angrily addresses Vector by that name, as opposed to “[Ray/Shingetsu]” as he used to until that point)

Anna Kaboom/Anna Kozuki Token (TK03-JP019)

Anna: “From beyond the railway, arriving here and now, alongside the tremors of the earth. Appear, Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max!”
(Summon Chant for Gustav Max)

Yuuya Sakaki Token (TK03-JP020)

Yuuya: “Ladies and gentlemen!! You are about to witness some authentic Dueltaining by Yuuya Sakaki!”

Sylvio/Shingo Sawatari Token (TK03-JP021)

(As he enters the start line of his Turbo Duel vs. Yuugo/Hugo during the Friendship Cup, admiring the size of the stadium)
Sylvio/Shingo: “An excited audience, a massive crowd, now this is truly a stage fit for someone as great as me!”

Gong Strong/Noboru Gongenzaka Token (TK03-JP022)

Gong/Noboru: “Raging deity, in unison with the roar of a thousand blades, come forth in a spiraling sandstorm! Synchro Summon! Now come before us, Level 10! Superheavy Samurai Warlord Susanowo!”
(Summon Chant for Susanowo)

Sora Pearse/Shiun’in Token (TK03-JP023)

Sora: “I guess it’s time for me to get a little serious too.”
(To Shay Obsidian/Shun Kurosaki during their Duel in the Arc League/Miami Championship, after Sora repeatedly mocks Shay/Shun’s low ATK Raidaptors as Shay/Shun not being serious about the Duel. Shay/Shun uses Raidraptor – Rise Falcon to destroy Sora’s Frightfur Bear and also causes physical damage to Sora and the stage, which makes Sora change his attitude towards taking the Duel more seriously)

Playmaker Token (TK03-JP024)

Ai: “Seize the wind, Playmaker!”
Playmaker: “Storm Access!”

Blue Gal/Girl Token (TK03-JP025)

Blue Gal/Girl: “Hear the song of the Trickstars! Trickstar Band Sweet Guitar!”
(Summon Chant for Trickstar Band Sweet Guitar)

The remaining tokens are:
Ojama Green Token (TK03-JP026)
Ojama Yellow Token (TK03-JP027)
Ojama Black Token (TK03-JP028)
Torment Token (TK03-JP029)
World Legacy Token (TK03-JP029)

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