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[Merchandise] SuperGroupies Backpacks

Dark Magician Girl and Red-Eyes are just happy to be here.

SuperGroupies are releasing four made-to-order backpacks based on some of the most iconic monsters from Yu-Gi-Oh!

All of them have different designs and layouts, with many subtle references to the monsters and in some cases their users, though they all have the same price of ¥ 17,380 yen (tax included)/$142.91 USD

Pre-orders began March 29, 2022 and run until to April 18, 2022 (Monday) 12:00 (presumably Japan time) to be delivered around mid-July 2022. SuperGroupies’ site notes that the order will be closed if all their items are pre-ordered, and that they ship internationally through WorldShipping.

Dark Magician Girl backpack


Dark Magician backpack

Interior (shared with the Blue-Eyes White Dragon backpack). SuperGroupies also noted that the lining of the side pockets is the same blue as Yugi’s uniform.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon backpack

Interior (shared with Dark Magician backpack). SuperGroupies also noted the interior of the side pockets is the same magenta as the lining of Kaiba’s famous white coat.

Red-Eyes Black Dragon backpack


There’s a ton of other fun details as well – see if you can find them. SuperGroupies point out a number of them on their site, where you can find additional images.