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[Merchandise] New APMEX collectible coins

APMEX have made a deal with Konami to produce collectible coins minted in gold and silver for the 25th Anniversary of Yu-Gi-Oh!

  • Gold Yu-Gi-Oh! Game Flip Coin (reverse side of the top image)
  • Crafted from 1 ounce (~28.35 grams) of 0.9999 fine gold
  • 39mm/1.53 inch diameter
  • Features Yami Yugi and the seven Millennium Items on obverse face
  • Features Yu-Gi-Oh! logo and public seal of Niue on reverse face
  • Only 125 have been minted
  • Price isn’t straightforward; these cost $200 USD more than the spot price for 1 ounce of gold. At time of writing, it was $2129.30 USD on APMEX’s website; this will differ from the price in the source.
  • Both Yu-Gi-Oh! News and ravegirl brought up that these coins can be used as legal tender in Niue. Niue’s official currency is the New Zealand Dollar, so given I am from New Zealand myself, this coin would be $3132.78 NZD at the time of writing.

  • Antique Silver Yu-Gi-Oh! Game Flip Coin
  • Same design as the Gold Flip Coin
  • Minted with 1 ounce of 0.9999 fine silver
  • Only 525 have been minted
  • $79.99 USD/$117.69 NZD

  • Regular Silver Yu-Gi-Oh! Game Flip Coin
  • 25,000 worldwide
  • Can be purchased sealed in the tamper-resistant case shown above or loose in plastic coin capsules
  • Price varies depending on purchase and spot price of silver:
  • Sealed coins available for preorder for $10.99 USD over spot (currently around $35.99 USD/$52.95 NZD)
  • Loose coins available now for $7.99 USD over spot (currently around $32.99 USD/$48.54 NZD)

These colourised silver coins featuring Yami Yugi and Dark Magician have also been advertised both separately and apart, but are currently listed as out of stock on AMPEX’s website.


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