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[ARC-V] More Cards from Chapter 33

Continuing from the cards here.

As a reminder, there’s no confirmation these cards will be released in the real card game, we’re merely mentioning them as a courtesy.

EMオッドアイズ・ヴァレット Performapal Odd-Eyes Valet
Level 1
ATK 100
DEF 200
Pendulum Scale: 8

EMオッドアイズ・バトラー Performapal Odd-Eyes Butler
Level 5
ATK 1000
DEF 2100
Pendulum Scale: 2

EMミス・ディレクター Performapal Miss Director
Level 6
DEF 2000
Miss Director cannot be attacked while you control a monster.
While in Defense, “Odd-Eyes” monsters are not destroyed by battle and battle damage becomes 0.

スモーク・モスキート Smoke Mosquito
Level 1
Half battle damage, Special Summon this card from your hand, and end the Battle Phase.

神科学(ミステック)ヘヴン・ゲート Mystech Heaven Gate
Level 1
Pendulum Scale: 12

神科学 Reads literally “Divine Science”.

神科学(ミステック)ヘル・ゲート Mystech Hell Gate
Level 10
Pendulum Scale: 1

神科学因子(ミステック・ファクターズ)メルキオール Mystech Factors Melchior
Level 10
Once per turn, you can use this card as a Material for a Fusion Monster,  and Fusion Summon without using a “Polymerization” Spell.

Level 10
Once per turn, you can lower this card’s Level by 2 and make the Level of all other monsters besides this card 1.

神科学因子(ミステック・ファクターズ)バルタザール Mystech Factors Balthazar
Level 10
Once per turn, if this card is used as a Fusion Material, you can pay half your LP to Special Summon all monsters used as Fusion Materials from the GY.
Once per turn, if this card is used as a Synchro Material, you can pay half your LP to Special Summon all monsters used as Synchro Materials from the GY.


The three Mystech Factors are named after the three Magi that bestowed gifts upon the baby Jesus. By possible coincidence, they share the same name as the three time traveling sages from Chrono Trigger. However, this is probably not as likely an intention by Yoshida, unless he’s looked into that game’s English Dub, as the three Guru are known in the Japanese version as Gasch, Hash and Bosch.

Also of note, the Mystech Factors, appearance wise, appear to be based on the magical artifact known as the Beherit from Berserk, devices that grant access to the realm of the supernatural in the series, as well as transform humans into horrifying monsters known as Apostles, and for some, into god-like beings known as the Godhand.


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