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[ARC-V] Eve’s Cards from the Manga

Eve shockingly drags in monsters based on some of the most famous cards in the franchise.

Please keep in mind these release of these cards is not stated, we are merely noting them for the sake of people’s interest.

幻魔帝トリロジーグ Trilogygta, Emperor of Phantasms
Level 10 Fusion Monster
ATK 4000
DEF 4000

時械神祖ヴルガータ  Jikaishinso Vurugata (Vulgata, First of the Timelords)
Level 10 Synchro Monster
This card cannot be destroyed by battle or card effect, and any battle damage inflicted by battle becomes 0. After a battle in which this card battles, banish all cards your opponent controls until the end of the turn.

No.XX(ダブルエックス) インフィニティ・ダークホープ  Number XX: Infinity Dark Hope (Number XX: Infinity Dark Utopic)
Rank 10 Xyz Monster
ATK 4000
DEF 4000
Materials: 3 Level 10 Monsters
Choose 1 Special Summoned monster on your field, at the end of the turn, gain LP equal to that monster’s ATK.



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