[Duel Links] Tristan Taylor Event

Tristan has arrived as a non-April Fools Joke, and he’s armed with a barrel of monkeys and an arsenal of robots.

Tristan returns, but finds out he can only stay in Duel Links if he registers as a Legendary Duelist, much to his annoyance and frustration.

Tristan appears as a “Roaming” Duelist event, where he appears randomly as you go about Dueling normally.

As noted, he’s a Roaming Duelist. Duel regularly to make him spawn.

Win Event Missions to get copies of Tristan’s cards he’s carrying with him. The main goal of the event is his Berserk Gorilla and Battleguard Rage, a powerful beatstick and a support Trap for Warriors.

Other goals include Yu-Jo Friendship, Millennium Shield, the Roboyarou/Robolady series, and Voltic Kong.

Yu-Jo Friendship and Unity can be used together to change the sum of both player’s LP.

Tristan is Yugi and Joey’s hotblooded and reliable friend who’s always cheered them on, and has somehow ended up in Duel Links as a Legendary Duelist much to his dismay and befuddlement.

Tristan’s Unique Drops

  • Panther Warrior (UR)
  • Yu-Jo Friendship (UR)
  • Millennium Shield (SR)
  • Berserk Gorilla (SR)
  • Battleguard Rage (SR)
  • Super Robolady (R)
  • Super Roboyarou (R)
  • Voltic Kong (R)
  • Little Winguard (R)
  • Roboyarou (N)
  • Robolady (N)
  • Cyber Commander (N)

Win 1 Duel against Tristan: Voltic Kong

Wind 3 Duels against Tristan: Battleguard Rage

Win 7 Duels against Tristan: Berserk Gorilla

Play 15 Duels against Tristan: Yu-Jo Friendship

Win against Tristan 1 time with no damage taken while using Joey: Little Winguard

Win against Tristan 3 times with no damage taken while using Joey: Panther Warror

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