Introducing: HeroSync!

Pegasus Skill Cards

From the Speed Duel Starter Decks out next year in TCG Territories!

First is a card that duplicates Pegasus’ Mind Scan ability from the manga and anime, to an extent.

“Flip this card over when you activate this Skill.”

SS01-ENCS3 Millennium Eye
Pegasus / Skill
At the start of the Duel, look at your opponent’s opening hand. You may choose to have that player shuffle their hand into their Deck and draw a new hand. (If both players use a Skill at the same time, the Turn player resolves their Skill first.)

“At the start of the Duel, place this card in your center Spell & Trap Zone and flip it over.”

SS01-ENCS1 It’s a Toon World!
Pegasus / Skill / Continuous Spell
This card is treated as “Toon World”.

As noted by the official Strategy Site blog, once it’s in play, “It’s a Toon World!” is a Continuous Spell Card. Anything you would do with a Continuous Spell Card applies with “It’s a Toon World!”, and if it manages to be returned to the hand, it can simply be replayed at no cost, unlike the original “Toon World”.



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