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[PGB1] Prismatic God Box Special Pack Checklist

All reprints confirmed… and the name of the last new card.

PGB1-JP001 Thunderforce Attack
PGB1-JP002 Fist of Fate
PGB1-JP003 Exchanging Souls
PGB1-JP004 Zettai-naru Genshinju (The Absolute Divine Beast)
PGB1-JP005 Golden Idol
PGB1-JP006 Millennium Seeker
PGB1-JP007 Zolga the Propheseer
PGB1-JP008 Successor Soul
PGB1-JP009 Strength in Unity
PGB1-JP010 Destined Rivals
PGB1-JP011 Dark Magician
PGB1-JP012 Blue-Eyes White Dragon
PGB1-JP013 The Winged Dragon of Ra – Sphere Mode
PGB1-JP014 The Winged Dragon of Ra – Immortal Phoenix
PGB1-JP015 Silent Swordsman
PGB1-JP016 Silent Magician
PGB1-JP017 Curse of Dragonfire
PGB1-JP018 Gandora the Dragon of Destruction – Giga Rays
PGB1-JP019 The Legendary Exodia Incarnate
PGB1-JP020 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon
PGB1-JP021 Toon Dark Magician Girl
PGB1-JP022 Helpoemer
PGB1-JP023 Zolga
PGB1-JP024 Mystical Beast of Serket
PGB1-JP025 Necroface
PGB1-JP026 Relinquished
PGB1-JP027 Sky Galloping Gaia the Dragon Champion
PGB1-JP028 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
PGB1-JP029 Thousand-Eyes Restrict
PGB1-JP030 Monster Reborn
PGB1-JP031 Golden Sarcophagus
PGB1-JP032 Polymerization
PGB1-JP033 De-Fusion
PGB1-JP034 Fiend’s Sanctuary
PGB1-JP035 Rebellion
PGB1-JP036 Symbol of Friendship
PGB1-JP037 Silent Sword Slash
PGB1-JP038 Silent Burning
PGB1-JP039 Neutron Blast
PGB1-JP040 Black Illusion Ritual
PGB1-JP041 Relinquished Fusion
PGB1-JP042 Toon Table of Contents
PGB1-JP043 Tribute Burial
PGB1-JP044 Dragged Down into the Grave
PGB1-JP045 Temple of the Kings”
PGB1-JP046 Eternal Soul
PGB1-JP047 Obliterate!!!
PGB1-JP048 Blast Held by a Tribute
PGB1-JP049 Exchange of the Spirit
PGB1-JP050 Multiple Destruction

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