[TCG] More News on Arc-V Starter Deck

It turns out it isn’t just one Starter Deck! It’s two!

– There are two Decks, 41 cards, based on Yuya and Declan (international name for Reiji)
– The Decks come in LIGHT and DARK themes.
– Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon and D/D/D Dragon Overlord Pendragon as the confirmed names.
– There will be 5 Shatterfoil Cards and 1 brand new kind of card foiling.
– Each Deck comes with several cards that are the character’s favorites.
– Each Arc-V Starter Deck contains 35 Common Cards, 5 Shatterfoil Cards, 1 Foil Card, 1 Beginner’s Guide, 1 Dueling Guide and 1 Game Mat



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