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[TCG] Fire Fists Special Edition

Fire Fists Special Edition
Fire up your Deck with the almighty Fire Fists!

The Fire Fists Special Edition combines 3 packs of the top-selling booster sets of 2013 with a powerful variant card for great value. Each Special Edition box will contain 1 Cosmo Blazer Pack, 1 Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy Pack, and 1 Judgment of the Light Pack, as well as the Super Rare variant card Fire Formation – Tenki, which was recently released from the Semi-Limited List with the January change to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Forbidden & Limited List. Fire Formation – Tenki is notable for its powerful synergy in Beast-Warrior themed Decks! Great value and excellent content will make the Fire Fists Special Edition a must‐have for players of all skill levels.

Release Date: April 4th



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